Shawn Mendes Leaked Video Link Surfaces Online, Scandalized On Twitter


Shawn Mendes fans were intimidated after an allegedly leaked video link of the pop sensation circulated on Twitter.

The 22-year-old pop star recently included the NSFW clip on Twitter on a trending page after including herself online for all the wrong reasons.


After seeing his name in the trending tab, Twitter users were quite curious.

However, they soon ended up regretting his decision as to what the content of the adult clip actually was.

Despite no concrete evidence that the man in the clip was Shawn Mendes or not, it was thought that his army of fans had become quite upset.

Shawn Mendes alleged leaked video link scandalized on Twitter

One of the biggest names in the music industry, Shawn Mendes has seen a meteoric rise with each passing year.

With the massive success of his early studio album, “Handwritten,” starting with Vine gaining worldwide acclaim, the boy did not look back.

His relationship with fellow singer Camila Cabello brought him more headlines. Their entire dynamic remains a source of continued interest for the Internet.

The couple were in discussion recently after being subjected to a home invasion. Their LA home was targeted by thieves, leaving the couple nervous.

Keeping in mind his charming and clean personality, fans were left in disbelief after watching the viral clip. There is no confirmation even if the person involved in the risk act is Shawn Mendes.

Here are some of the reactions to the online clip:

The person in the clip is, in all probability, not Sean Mendes. Many Twitter users may have snatched the gun and made wild assumptions. Also, the person’s face is not shown in the video.

It was also pointed out by a particular Twitter user who slammed toxic methods of social media.

The Twitter rumour mill often targets several notable celebrities over the past few months.

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From the looks of reactions above, Shawn Mendes appears to have become the latest to fall prey to claims of a malleable leaked video.


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