Sienna Mae and Jack Wright Leaked Video Trending on Twitter, Reddit and Social Media


Sienna Mae and Jack Wright Leaked Video: Sienna Mae a popular Tiktok star Gomez recently released another YouTube video and talking about the assault allegations against her, after a suspicious Tiktok video of her groping and kissing a “faint” Jack Wright leaked online.

Mason Rizzo, a close friend of Jack Wright’s, alleged that he not only just assaulted Jack, but also asked him to “kill himself”.


However, within just 24 hours, Mason has trashed the post as he informed fans that he would be handling the situation with Sienna Mae offline from now on.

His allegations did not go down well with Sienna, who released a video in which she talking about the harassment claims, which she deemed “untrue.”

However, recently the situation escalated when an objectionable TikTok video of her and Jack leaked online.

As the discontent started to reach another level once again, Sienna Mae release another explanatory video in which she explained what really happened in the above video.

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright Full leaked Video Scandalized on Social Media


During her latest 13-minute-long video, Sienna Mae attempted to debunk a set of allegations against her in relation to the video that leaked online.

She started by reiterating her original claims of not harassing Jack because she said it was just a defame campaign being run against her.

“Before we begin, I stand by what was said in the previous video, I did not sexually harass Jack Wright. Jack was the victim of sexual harassment, but not by me. I want to cancel me and defame my name.” I am a victim of constant attempts. With false claims.”

Sienna Mae directly called on Jack’s group of friends to record in the 1st place as she went on to brief the kind of relationship they both share and how it was a “normal” part of their lives.

“Jack and I were feely very emotional with our friendship, this is how we interacted with each other. Go any video you watch of us. You will see that this behavior was normal. We touched each other, kissed the other, and we were fickle. Within the confines of our relationship, it was normal.”

She went on to say that,

“You claim in his video on the very visible upper thighs that you hear the kissing noise. We were just kissing. He also claims that my hand c* otch his. Well but it’s not. I have my hands , but Jack’s thighs. This video was very strategically narrated and we made the clip only after Jack was asleep. They have been edited together.”

Sienna Mae also unveiled that despite the video being shot on November 30, 2020, she found it strange that they all decided to hang out with her the very next day.

She then accused his friends of mistaking Jack’s trauma because of her mental health as she consistently declared it bullying and false claims.

“This video is proof of nothing and instead raises questions about Jack’s issues and his friend’s behavior. Your friends are trying to sensationalize this look when it was normal for us.”

At the end of her video, Sienna Mae reveals that her lawyers had worked to close and serve notices to Jack’s friends due to the defamatory nature of her allegations.

Despite her explanation, most Twitter users remained unconvinced as they believed her to be “victim-guilty and gaslighting” Jack Wright:

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