Sierra Steadman Alaska Airlines Crop Top TikTok Star Shamed By An Alaska Airlines For Wearing Crop Top Watch Full Video

Sierra Steadman Alaska Airlines Crop Top TikTok Star: TikToker Sierra Steadman shared a frustating journey which she had recently with Alaska Airlines. As we all known there are several Airlines video which has been viral on internet for capturing travelling shots. But this time the situation is different. A TikToker called Sierra Steadman TikTok video got viral where she is claiming that she had been threatened by the airline’s people because of wearing Crop Top at that time. Here is teh full update about the incident.

Sierra Steadman Alaska Airlines Crop Top TikTok Star Video

A American based girl who has a TikTok account with name @sierrasteadman. She has more than 30,000 followers on her TikTok account. Recently, a girl faced frustating journey with Alaska Airlines. She share a TikTok video where she wrote, “When the flight attendant [sl*t] embarrasses you in front of the entire plane and threatens to kick you for wearing [you].” -Sierra Steadman”.

In the video she is wearing crop top, hoodie and mask and shot a video while she is crying. She added, In the video, he also wrote that the flight attendant threatened to remove him from the flight.

The video has croseed more than 5 million views on TikTok account. A lot of people come in support of her through comments section and sharing the video on their social handles.

Who is Sierra Steadman?

Sierra Steadman is a latest American TikToker who has a TikTok account with name @sierrasteadman. However, there is not much information has been available on internet about her age and hometown. Recenlty, her video got viral on social media where she shares her difficult experience with the airlin. Sierra is a TikTok creator who is a young TikTok who often shares his vshort videos on her TikTok account.

After the incident viral, Sierra’s mother complained against the airline. In which Alaska Airlines said, “It is clear from what you have shared that we have failed. You and your daughter are treated with the utmost respect, compassion and care.” Don’t expect less.” Airlines have taken responsibility for the actions of their attendants.

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