Sommer Ray cheated by Machine Gun Kelly claims on her with Megan Fox


In the recent appearance on Logan Paul’s popular “Impulsive” podcast, Sommer Ray alleged that Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, cheated on him with his current girlfriend, Megan Fox.

The 24-year-old popular fitness model and social media sensation began dating the “Daywalkar” singer in March 2020. Although, their tornado romance was minimal as the couple left it within a month.


At the time of the breakup, Machine Gun Kelly shared a tweet on his Twitter handle that many interpreted in reference to Somer Ray:

Though he soon regretted his tweet, it bothered many of his fans, as revealed in his latest Impulsive segment.


From opening up about their relationship to sharing their honest opinions about Megan Fox, Sommer Ray’s recent impulsive appearance was quite intriguing.

Sommer Ray cheated by Machine Gun Kelly opens up on her relationship with him, Megan Fox and others

Sommer Ray went on to share his thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly, about their “high-profile” relationship.

She revealed how she never really reached a comfortable intimate level with MGK:

“I dated Colson, never had s*x with him. I have to make sure you’re someone good to me so Colson just never passed the test!”

She then explains why she did not mind saying this, as she claimed that he had cheated on her with Megan Fox during a trip to Puerto Rico.

“He did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox. If you look at the timeline of us dating, we were together in Puerto Rico. He’s filming with Megan Fox, you know he’s hyped about it. I was like cool yeah, so I waited in the hotel the whole time when he’s filming with her and I’m not really thinking anything of it. I thought she was older with kids and stuff. I’m not even mad about it, I’d probably do the same thing! ”

However, she denied the fact that she decided to pull her name on Twitter, as she said:

“He went to Twitter and made it seem like I was the devil-like I broke up with him on his birthday, I got death threats for like weeks and weeks after that from his cult following. He just wanted to break up with him because he was dating Megan! ”

Sommer Ray also stated that her suspicions initially grew stronger when she was not invited to film the music video of “Bloody Valentine”, where machine guns Kelly and Megan Fox reportedly became extremely close.

In light of her revelation, Twitter was soon abhorrent with some reactions:

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While the reactions of fans may have been mixed, it seems that the recent reveal of Sommer Ray has certainly sparked the interest of many fans of the machine gun Kelly x Megan Fox.



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