Sylvia Chan NOC Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit and Instagram: Full Sylvia Chan and Ryan & Dee Kosh Case Explained


Sylvia Chan NOC Video Leaked: Sylvia Chan, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics, is currently trending online the former and current employees disclosed her behaviour with them. Sylvia Chan, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics, is currently making headlines after current and former employees disclosed her behaviour with them. Text conversations have surfaced indicating Sylvia Chan’s animosity for ex-husband Ryan Tan and controversial public personality Dee Kosh, with Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder Ryan Tan addressing his partner’s managerial style. The revelation has quickly gone viral on the internet, causing a stir on social media. You will learn a lot from this post.

Sylvia Chan NOC Leaked Video Message Online


Messages from CEO Sylvia can be seen in WhatsApp screenshots that have circulated on the Internet and social media. “F**king s**t,” she exclaims. Two of them irritate mex. In terms of work, I mean. I’m a f**king egomaniac. I f**king want to be loved a lot. That’s what it’s like to be f**king impoverished without me.” Several former and current NOC employees accused their boss of mistreating them on Tuesday. The entire situation is becoming viral on social media, and people are reacting to it.


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Readers can also read Ms Chan’s views on Mr Tan becoming her employee once the divorce is finalised in the texts. Although both Mr Tan and Ms Chan stated in their divorce video that they will continue to be close business partners, the former NOC team disclosed that this was not the case. Mr Tan resigned as a director of NOC in May 2021 and has not been involved in the firm since.


Ms Chan looked to be on her phone at times throughout the video. The post caption said, “Sylvia can be seen grinning at various moments throughout the video.”

Between October 2020 and October 2021, a total of 54 employees resigned from NOC, according to reports. /TISG

On Wednesday (October 20), the Facebook page Wake Up, Singapore posted a video of what looked to be an old NOC online meeting.

Sylvia Chan is a co-founder of the Night Owl Cinematics YouTube channel. It’s a YouTube channel based in Singapore that offers users instant entertainment and digital services. It is a multi-award-winning site with millions of users who have praised their work on the digital platform. Their videos have been viewed millions of times. Sylvia Chan is a well-known and well-known Youtuber as well. She has received numerous accolades for best videos on the YouTube site. She is one of Singapore’s most talented individuals. She’s been administering the NOC YouTube channel for almost a decade.

She received the award for Southeast Asia’s Best YouTube Channel. On her official Instagram account, she has 229K followers. She has now responded to all of the charges, claiming that it is time to end the silence. She stated that the company’s CEO will issue an official comment on the subject. Keep an eye on this site for further information.

A lot of people criticizing her on Social media check out some of the post.



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