Tayler Holder Leaked Video Allegedly Using His Fame To Get Free Clothes


American TikTok personality Tayler Holder leaked video has recently been accused of using his influence to obtain freebies.

This is not really new, as social media influencers often use their followers as a bargaining chip for real products. With the promise of exposure, but some of the influencers people like Tyler Holder often exploit businesses. The Internet is now calling him and other affected people out for it.


Even more, Holder reportedly received the merch but still did not catch up at the end of the deal.

Tayler Holder leaked video shows shady dealings with a clothing line 

The dispute began when Holder promised to give a brand of clothing in exchange for free products. This act is not inherently bad, as there are a lot of brand deals in this fashion. This is especially the case when a brand goes to the affected person.


What distinguishes the endorsement of clothing is that the clothes are usually not sent back. This is not the case with products such as mobile phones, where review units are transmitted from influencer to effector.

Keeping this in mind, the brand that made the deal with Tayler Holder was promised that the TikTok star would upload a story featuring the product in exchange for receiving the product. This apparently never happened.

After the delivery, Tayler Holder stated that he had not received the package yet. The brand however alleged that the clothes were shipped weeks ago.

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There is no way to confirm that the side of the story is valid.



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