Taylor Paul TikTok Star Haunted House Video Viral on Internet Check Who is Taylor Paul?


Taylor Paul TikTok Star Haunted House Video: A popular TikTok star is trending online after people accused him of faking the most-viewed video. In the video, Taylor Paul is seen standing in a dirty living room, dancing to Destiny’s kid’s bills. Bill-hung lamps in the kitchen swing aggressively without a hint.

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Taylor Paul TikTok Star Haunted House Video

Paul shared a video and caption it “haunted,” “scary,” and “haunted house”.

“Repost I still could not believe that we caught this on camera.”

Taylor Paul’s TikTok account is all about her family including her pregnancy time, hair, and fitness. She also posted a dancing and skit video. However, it is not confirmed yet if Taylor Paul currently has a job.

Taylor Paul previously claimed to be fifty years old, although she is actually 27 years old. She is married to Tate Paul and both have two children together. She often shares her children and husband’s pictures on her social media handles.


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On Instagram, she has garnered more than a million followers on Tiktok with 98,000 followers.

TikTok Star Taylor Paul Viral On Twitter, Reddit and Instagram for “faked” haunted house video

The video was shown from one angle, it is not clear whether the video was altered in any way. A lot of people have been commenting on Taylor Paul’s video. The legality of the object’s movement.

A few of the users have been thinking, the house is too new and looks haunted, with the modern fixtures and simplicity of the later-era living rooms and kitchens. Others user has been claimed that Photoshop was involved in creating the illusion.

Taylor Paul followed up on the haunted house video to address another key question about whether the movements were real. In the follow-up video, Paul is seen emptying the second floor with the fridge open, with two kitchen cabinets on the first floor.

The caption read: “Everyone: “Is your house haunted?

Recently, Taylor Paul has cover both the videos in her recent Q&A TikTok video. While as per the social media accounts, the fans of Taylor Paul claimed that both the videos are might be pranks and attract new viewers.

Taylor Paul has not accepted the further two videos.



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