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TikTok Girl Head Chopped Video Viral On Internet and Social Media, Who is TikTok Girl Mayenggo3?


A TikTok girl recently trending all over the social media and internet after sharing a horrific video on her TikTok account. The video getting viral on TikTok and getting several responses from the audience. In the viral video, she is chopping off the head. After seeing the video, everyone gets shocked and scared. Tiktok users have created a ruckus about the video. Within a few hours, the video is getting a lot of views. At the same time, this video has raised many questions and questions on the reality of the film. Here is the full update about the TikTok Girl Head Chopped Full Video and also about the case.

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Tiktok Girl Head Chopped Off Video Viral Online

The TikTok video has been shared by a user called Mayengg03. However, there are not many details have been revealed about the person who uploaded this gruesome video on her TikTok account. The Tiktok girl has not uploaded this kind of video prior on her account. She used to post several dancing videos on her account. She also has a good number of followers on his account. Many are requesting the video-sharing platform to find out the entire matter as it has uploaded a very frightening video which has scared many.

Who is TikTok Chopped Head Girl?

Her official TikTok account name is Mayengg03. Recently she uploaded a scared video and for this, his account got the attention of many people. As per reports, many details like her nationality and residence are yet to be revealed. Whereas the platform has already taken strict action against her videos and has already banned her account due to its policy of violation act.

She is trending on several social media platforms. However, TikTok has deleted her video and ban her TikTok platform due to policy violation but before deleting it the video already being viral on other social media platforms which makes it viral and grabs the attention of the users. In the video, a young lady swaying dance moves to the rhythm of the popular song ” I’m going in tonight ” which was sung by popular singer Doja Cat and StarBoi3 a scene of cruel death is shown immediately.

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