TikTok Girl Mayengg03 Decapitated Video? Who is Mayengg03 Head Cut Off TikTok Video Explained

A TikTok girl video has been viral on the internet after posted a shocking video. Yes, you heard it right the TikTok girl Mayengg03 recently shared a decapitated video on her official TikTok account which got viral all over social media platforms and the internet. In the horrific video, A TikTok girl head chopped off in between the video. The reason behind this action is not revealed yet. But TikTok has banned her account and deleted the video on its platform because to break policy violation. Within an hour, the video got so many views and shares. On the other side, people share their response on their social handle and appeal to all the peoples to not share the video. In this article, we will share all the details about the TikTok viral girl chopped off leaked video.

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Tiktok Girl Mayengg03 Decapitated Video

The video was posted by a Mayengg03 TikTok girl. After an hour, this video has gone viral on the internet and she has started trending on social media who have shared this gruesome video on Tiktok. Before this video, the girl used to share only dance videos, she also has good followers on her account. The investigation team has investigated the incident. However, not much information has been revealed. But this video has scared many people.

Who is Mayenggo3? TikTok Girl Getting Decapitated Video Upset Netizens!

Mayenggo3 is a TikToker who is very active on TikTok and shares her Dance videos on this platform. But recently he shared a scary video that was shot from the bathroom which went viral on the internet. Not much information like age, nationality, and other things have been revealed on the internet. Whereas the platform has already taken strict action against his videos and has already banned them due to its policy violation act.

if we talking about the video, she starts her video with the cool dance moves on the popular song ā€ Iā€™m going in tonight ā€ by Doja Cat and StarBoi3 and suddenly a death incident appears. This video has grabbed so much attention on social media and all the platforms take strict action in the video.

Note: “We request our readers not to watch his video, we don’t provide TikTok head cut off video link for his safety purpose. So, stop sharing the video on the internet and social media platforms.”

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