TikTok Silhouette Challenge No Filter Removed From Reddit, Twitter, Scandalized on Social Media

TikTok Silhouette Challenge No Filter Removed From Social Platforms: Tiktok is always riddled with virals and trends, with the new one called the “Silhouette Challenge”. It has gone viral and has been trending for the past few weeks.

ย To participate in the Silhouette Challenge, participants start their video by standing in front of a fully clothed camera before leaning against the wall in a silhouette with a red filter.

ย This trend has recently seen a late spike and is showing no signs of slowing down. Whereas per the news, the trend changed drastically when it was discovered that some people were editing videos to remove red filters from a video.

Why is the “silhouette challenge” dangerous?

The trend was surge like a rocket and people used it as a fun, sexy, body-positive challenge, but was soon abducted by individuals. These individuals in question use software to remove the red filter from the video to reveal the person’s body in full.

TikTok Silhouette Challenge No Filter Removed

Netizens are doing a good job on Twitter by actively reporting and flagging all tweets related to the Tiktok silhouette challenge.

However the Reddit community also rapidly removed subreddits featuring such tutorial videos. However, YouTube is slow to take up the action against it.

There are dozens of videos still playing on YouTube, how to edit the “Silhouette Challenge” video.

This video has since accumulated thousands of views. According to a report by Media Matters, some people have also monetized it. The term is being searched so many times that “how to remove the red light in the Silhouette Challenge” is shown in the auto-section.

In a statement which was made by Rolling Stone, a spokesperson for Google had this to say on the TikTok silhouette challenge, “TikTok videos that contain nudity can not be re-uploaded to YouTube, as they violate our adult content policies. Additionally, we will remove content uploaded to YouTube that has been altered to reveal participantโ€™s bodies in a way that was not intended by the original uploader. Videos featuring highly sexualized themes would be demonetized.”

A lot of creators have taken Tiktok to warn women against participating in the challenge. Some individuals on social media have instead taken a victim-blaming stance.

Many professional video editors have come forward and talked about this in detail. Most claim that no technology is currently available to achieve this task.

ย Ideally, a thorough invitation, in this case, would be launched soon. TikTok content creators are still advising individuals not to participate in the silhouette challenge until the problem can be resolved.

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Meanwhile, YouTube videos showing how to remove the red light still exist on the platform. Now, most of the creators wait to TikTok Silhouette challenge no filter removed from social media.


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