Tony Lopez brother Ondreaz Lopez Grooming Allegations On having relations with a minor


One of the Lopez brothers, Ondraez Lopez who has a big following on TikTok recently exposed on social media. A person Sainttbaby over the grooming allegations on Ondreaz Lopez of physical relations with a 14-year-old girl.

An unknown person Sainttbaby has revealed a lot of information about the alleged physical relations that Ondreaz Lopez ha sin past with minor then him.


On the TikTok account, there is an early clip that spans a lot of accusations. This is a one-minute video of a woman who is allegedly talking to Ondrej Lopez on the phone.

 AS per the speakerphone voice, She calls the 23-year-old for his intentions and tells him that what he is doing is totally punishable by law. Andrea acknowledges that, and the woman then insists that they need to meet. He agrees, and they may meet with his 14-year-old daughter and her sister at some point.

Tony Lopez brother Ondreaz Lopez Grooming Allegations

 The revelation of evidence has not stopped in one allegation, the TikTok account name sainttbaby posted several evidence along with the documents and DM receipts.

The first was a document, which is difficult to read, but an email or letter sent to Ondreaz’s lawyer. In that document, Ondreaz is charged with intercourse with a 14-year-old and warned of upcoming lawsuits.

As per the second clip, receipts from Sainttbaby reveal that she sent further evidence to Ondreaz’s girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, another large influential figure. After the allegations became clear, Hanah Stocking deleted all her photos with Ondreaz and appears to be tearing herself apart.

At last on the final clip that shows the old Hype House with Ondreaz Lopez in it. It is tuff to find who shot the video the time, but it might be further evidence.

Ondreaz Lopez is not the one who faces the allegation of relation with a minor. His brother Tony facing several issues of his own. AS per his brother allegations, he had relations with 15 years old girl. There is allegation over Tony that he groomed the girl on Social platforms and further asked for photos from them. Also, other members, of the Hype House are mentioned in the lawsuit, but only for negligence.

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Until the court verdict, no allegations have been made in stone and both the brothers have also denied it. Time will tell if the allegations are true.



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