Twitch extension BTTV stands against popular PogChamp emote removal


Twitch extension BTTV stands against popular PogChamp: Behind one of the widely used creators Twitch extensions, ‘BetterTTV’ (BTTV), has denied pulling PogChamp emotes from its service in light of the recent controversy. As we all know, Twitch has officially announced on January 6 that PogChamp emotes has removed from the platform. BTTV will still go ahead with the icon and all its variations. After the controversial statements from the “face of sentiment”, Twitch has moved to clean up his slate of any association.

The sudden removal of popular Twitch extension has been shocked all the streaming community. Many of streamer and creator has been offering many suggestions on Twitter another platform so that “sentiment and use of Pog can live on.”

However, 24 hours have been removed from the announcement and one of the most comprehensive extensions has no plans to follow suit. BTTV has one of the popular browser extension that has long been to use and its users will still be able to share PogChamps in ongoing chat.

Twitch extension BTTV stands against PogChamp emote removal

“BTV has never dispelled sentiments due to controversies,” its leader ‘Night’ said in a statement by Rod Br slasher ‘Breslau. Despite the recent drama, the removal of Pogchamp “likely did not result” in either quote.

“Users have the ability to like on our platform,” they said. Now its look like that Twitch chatters will still be able to get their banned extensions through third-party extensions.

Emotes will not be able to access the base version of Twitch moving forward, although BTTV users will still be able to share Pogs as before.

This not only relates to standard PogChamp emissions but also to its many forms. From POGGERS to Pog and everything in between, the global spirit took on a life of its own.

Where the same third part extension FrankerFacez (FFZ) took the resistance stance in response to the news. He officially said that We will be removing depictions of the person from FFZ, but it might take some time,” they confirmed on January 7’.

We will always be thankful that we have to be part of the continued development of emoting culture and positive twitch community symbolism.

Twitch has plans to allow for a sense of belonging to be in some capacity. We already have some novel ideas from the community. It is only a matter of time unless we see what the Amazon supported platform is.

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Meantime, PogChamp and all of its variations Meanwhile, PogChamp and all its variants are still accessible via BTTV. It does not seem that will change soon.



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