Twitch streamer DelightDaniTV banned for “inappropriate body-art” slams “bullsh*it “ruling


A famous painter and a popular Twitch streamer DelightDaniTV has now permanently banned from Twitch after violent the Terms and Services of Twitch. A specified post of social media posts caused her to hit the stage.

Twitch is one of the best platforms which is a popular gaming streamer community. It gives the opportunity to broadcasting video games, sharing sightseeing ventures and even competitive dating shows. The platform is widely used and stand for the most liked live streaming sites.


However, one category of it has been mired in controversies throughout the year and it has not stopped following the trauma of a body painting with a ban, despite the platform seeming to follow the rules.

 The popular streamer and a body painter on January 6, DelightDaniTV hit into a twitch after receiving a permanent suspension from Twitch to inappropriate body art. In the notice, offences include, ‘women do not wear opaque paint on their chest area” and “wearing a paint and latex combination while streaming material related to body art.’

Twitch Streamer DelightDaniTV Permanently Banned

Dani has said that she did not violate any terms and conditions rule, showing that the screenshots taken from her broadcast at the time of the ban were completely covered with opaque paint.

He wrote, Twistich Just Permanently banned for “Body Art of Doing Body Art”. “I opened my PASTIeS code, Okaque Paint, and completed all the Pulses. This Kinda Bulls ** t people. ‘

‘According to the twitch TOS, using a layer of pasties and latex to cover your nipples and areola and using opaque body paint is within their guidelines, which I followed,” she continued. “If they are not cool with body paint, they need to remove the category and do not allow it at all.’

Dani then proceeds to point out the Twitch Hammer’s hypocrisy, lighting out that many female streamers who had have received a three-day ban only for exposing themselves on purpose, but then claim that this one It was an accident.

She closes her rant with a joking comment, but it is very clear that there is some poison behind her statement:

Is Twitch Banned Body painters Before As Well?

This has happened the first time when a girl has been banned from the Twitch for painting her body despite any notice to follow Twitch guidelines.

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Many female body painters have received a suspension from the stage despite painting their chests before the stage and even just circulating the painting in question. It was only in April 2020 that Twitch provided a much-needed update about the nudity and body paint policy, although some streamers have taken issue with its clauses for being “obscure”.



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