Valkyrae Private DMs Leaked Online She make the latest VOD private and address the incident


The popular social media star Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter was recently under pressure to turn on her latest VOD private, as a group of pursuers managed to catch her DM, as well as the location where she moved. Was planning to do it. Here is the full update about Valkyrae Private DMs Leaked Online.

The 29-year-old popular YouTuber and streamer recently left fans confused and worried when she suddenly made his VOD private.


After the incident fans are eager to know about this incident, Valkyrae clears this issue on stream and revealed why she took this decision.

Valkyrae receives support online after her Private DMs Leaked Online

However, this is not the first time Valkyrae has encountered an unpleasant experience indulginng Stalker and his leaked address.


This year in the month of January she recalled the traumatic experience of a “chaser in confusion” who allegedly leaked her home address.

This whole circumstance forced him to make her Twitter account private for a while until things were fixed.


Regarding his latest test, Valkira said:

“Yes, VOD was made private because I am explaining it only because I am not living in this place, otherwise if a VOD is private in the future, I want you guys to understand that it is private for a reason. Is. But yes, I like the tab a lot, when I go like this it looks like all these things are open and I also have Discord open and as you can see as you know, I have Messages were open with my assistant about a place where I was going to go look, one of the places where I was going to live, which I really liked very much. ”

She further briefs that it seems to have become a recurring affair, many times taking screenshots of any small omissions in the stream in an attempt to reveal something personal about her.

With the life of a female twitch dreamer susceptible to a large amount of toxic attention online, Valkyrae’s plight serves as another reminder of the related rise of stalkers in today’s digital age.

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Following the incident, many fans condemned and supported the actions of their followers on social media.



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