Vinnie Hacker Fight Leaked Video and Pics with Defeats Deji in YouTubers vs TikTokers Match


Vinnie Hacker Fight Leaked Video: KSI’s brother Deji was defeated by Vinnie Hacker in their fight on June 12 during the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event. Fans gave a befitting reply by trolling the YouTuber.

The Battle of the Platform also known as The YouTubers vs TikTokers was organized by Social Gloves at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL, and began at 8 p.m. EST. Undercard feuds included a match between Deji and Vinnie Hacker.


Vinnie Hacker Fight leaked Video

Deji made his entry at the matching ring by wearing a towel as a shirt, possibly in reference to boxing legend Mike Tyson. While on the other side, Vinnie Hacker wore a regular robe and shorts.

The 24-year-old popular YouTuber had raised the questions about the weigh-in for the event, as he seemed too “heavy” compared to Vinnie.

After three of the five scheduled rounds, which came as a shock to many, Vinnie Hacker was declared the winner in their fight.


Fans troll Deji

After the match, there are a lot of fans who were disappointed with Deji, as he had previously lost to Jake Paul in an intense match. However, a lot of fans expecting him to hold out against Vinnie for at least a long time.

Twitter users trolled Deji for losing “out of shape” and signing up for the bout.

With the win of Vinnie, most of the audience shocked and overwhelmed, it can be assumed that Vinnie Hacker to win the match.

After the match, Deji tweeted with his official Twitter account and called himself a “failure”. His brother KSI came to his rescue by comforting him on social media.

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