Where is CallMeCarson? Famous YouTuber and Streamer disappear from social media and Twitch


Where is CallMeCarson: One of the popular YouTube and Streamer name CallMeCarson who is widely popular with the name called Carson King. He has garnered a wide audience on her several social media platform including 3 million on YouTube subscriber. Also, more than 1.5 million of Twitch followers itself.

As per the last few weeks, his all social media profiles ahs been not active. Talking about Twitter, CallMeCarson has does not do anything on Twitter since January 5 and no stream and live video at the end of December.

Where is CallMeCarson gone quiet?

As we all know, On January 5, in the Keemstar show there has been accusation which is put on CalllMeCarson about the 17 years old girl who still in school has alleged to have exchanged messages when he was around 19.

After the video revelation, fans poured in like a storm on Twitter and the accusation were floated up to a few days. Most of the celebrities and youngster has come forward in support of CallMeCarson and clarify their thought through their Twitter account.

‘Slimecicle’, who was the formal part of the Minecraft YouTube group of Lunchboxes with CallMeCarson, stand for the CallMeCarsona and said on the allegations, saying all members cut ties with King, revealing that he had posed bold photos with a girl In which she was 17 years old.

 It looks like the reason behind the Carson disappears is grooming accusation on him. Yet, he does not come publicly and address the allegation topic on the internet.

Whether Carson is behind the scenes and the hustle to his previous wrong is also unclear, but his audience and a lot of the gaming community are left to scratch his head during his absence.

A statement from many YouTubers is expected, perhaps to accept and apologize for his alleged actions. As per the recent data, no statement has come from the 21-year-old or his management. Let’s see when CallMeCarson has come forwards and addressed the situation.

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