Where is Sally Nugent Going on BBC Breakfast? BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent Trending on Social Media with Absence From the Show


Where is Sally Nugent Going on BBC Breakfast: Sally Nugent is nowhere to be found, and why isn’t she on BBC Breakfast? After taking over as Louise Minchin’s replacement last year, viewers are wondering where the new host has gone and why she hasn’t been presenting this week. Sally Nugent is a well-known and well-liked newsreader, journalist, and TV host. In her professional life, she has amassed considerable renown and celebrity. All of her fans are curious as to where she is today, as she was absent from her morning show. We have provided information on her whereabouts in this article.

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Where is Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast?

Sally, who was introduced as one of the major presenters of the show in October last year, joining Strictly 2021 star Dan Walker from Monday to Wednesday, has been noticeably absent from the broadcast, leaving viewers puzzled. The news is trending online after the Breakfast host stepped in for Dan Walker last week, prompting fans to inquire as to why he was absent.

Sally Nugent did not appear on her BBC breakfast show today, as we all know. Following that, all of the viewers share their responses on their social media accounts to ask, “Where is Sally Nugent Today?”  Sally Nugent has been missing from her regular slot on BBC Breakfast since January 10, 2022. Sally usually hosts the show three days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Wednesday. As of now,  Sally has not responded to this. He has yet to give an explanation for his absence from the show.

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Sally’s absence is unknown, although it’s possible she switched vacations with Dan, who announced he took time off last week as part of his annual leave, tweeting to supporters, ‘Just so you know…’ I haven’t left #BBCBreakfast, I haven’t ‘taken some time out following Strictly Come Dancing,’ and there hasn’t been a major presenter shake-up,’ I’m just not in this week.’

‘What?’ he tweeted Sally, apparently surprised she was hosting the show during the first week of January. You said you were ‘in the Maldives’ and that #bbcbreakfast wasn’t on this week.

As a result, it’s likely that she’ll take this week off instead. Sally Nugent may be gone from her BBC Breakfast duties, but she is still active on social media, having retweeted a few news pieces during her absence. When Dan announced that he’d be hosting with Nina, one viewer tweeted, “What have you done with Sally?”

‘No way,’ said another anxious spectator. Is Sally gone? What exactly is going on? Surely she hasn’t already crossed over to the other side,’ implying that she had jumped ship to Good Morning Britain.

However, there are a lot of people who are confused as to what happened to Sally, others have applauded the new Dan and Nina pairing.

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