Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together? Who Is Still Together and Who Broke Up!

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together: For the sake of love and money! Despite its forbidden-romance concept, Too Hot to Handle has produced some successful couples. With its hold on reality television fans’ hearts, the program has become a pop-culture staple. In comparison to the previous two seasons, the most recent one contained a few surprises and twists. In the show contestants living in a house together for four weeks are prohibited from kissing, self-gratification, or sexual contact in the hopes of winning $100,000, with the grand prize decreasing each time a rule is broken. The second and third seasons of THTH were filmed in the winter of 2021, therefore it raises the question: what couples are still together from too hot to handle?

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together?

Are Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend Still Together?

In April 2020, during an interview with Women’s Health, Rhonda claimed that she and Sharron were no longer together, albeit they remained “the greatest of friends.” She said they had not met after the show.  She mentioned that long-distance relationship is the factor of their breakup.

Are Lydia Clyma and David Birtwistle Still Together?

David told that he and Lydia are not together anymore. He told to Oprah Daily that he doesn’t seem to have any regrets regarding his still-friendly connection with Lydia. According to the personal trainer, “Lydia and I have such a wonderful friendship. I have a soft spot in my heart for her.”

Are Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Still Together?

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together

Francesca and Harry from Too Hot To Handle decided to call it quits on their love after dating on and off for more than two years after completing the show. In June 2020, she announced through her social media that they had broken up again. In May 2021, they reunited again before finally giving up for good. While they may have been in love at first, it was obvious that their relationship was becoming unhealthy.

Are Emily Miller and Cam Holmes Still Together?

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes now live together! The couple stated that they’re still running strong in an interview with Chloe Veitch on the Too Hot to Handle reunion. ” Early in season 2, Emily and Cam struck it off. In July 2021, they disclosed to Us exclusively that they are still dating and living together. She said, “We are very much in a romance.”

Are Nicole O’Brien and Bryce Hirschberg Still Together?

Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien, who fell in love after appearing together in the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle, have announced to wait after a year of dating. They made their relationship public in April 2020, but according to US Weekly, the former couple has now split after dating for a year.

Are Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony Still Together?

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together

Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony acknowledged they are no longer together at the Extra Hot reunion episode hosted by season 1 and The Circle season 2 star Chloe Veitch. The duo said they had scheduled a trip to Mexico, but Melrose stated he had to cancel it due to an argument between them. “I was in such a bad mood.

Are Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy Still Together?

After filming was completed, the pair briefly split up, but they reconnected and went to Los Angeles together before splitting up again. In August 2021, Carly revealed to Us that she and Joey are very much together.  Joey, I’m obviously infatuated with him, and I adore him. However, we’re still figuring out how to date each other.”

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Are Tabitha Clifft and Chase DeMoor Still Together?

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together

Tabitha and Chase’s relationship on the show ended violently, with Tabitha dismissing their time together on the show as little more than a ‘holiday romance,’ as viewers will recall. Chase brought her flowers, gifts for Christmas, and even sent her a letter “confessing his love” for her after the show, she claims.

Are Larissa Trownson and Nathan Webb Still Together?

When Nathan, a British stripper from Dallas, broke things off, Larissa, a New Zealander, had to leave the concert early. After the show, Larissa and Nathan show no signs of rekindling their love. They don’t appear to be in a relationship. During the reunion, she revealed that she had moved on.

Are Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond Still Together?

Harry and Beaux both chuckled, admitting that they are no longer formally together. “I mean, things came to an end,” Beaux explained. “However, we haven’t seen each other in nine months,” she says. They put the breakup down to long distance relationship but said they are still good friends.

Are Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu Still Together?

Are Nathan and Holly still dating after season three of Too Hot to Handle? No, that is not the case. After filming wrapped, the couple struggled to spend time together and announced their breakup in January 2022. Holly claimed that her college schedule forced her and Nathan to do this.

Are Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp Still Together?

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are Still Together

Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp are among the few couples to be kicked out from Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle, but their romance didn’t end there. During the reconnection, she exclaimed, “I just love him.” In September 2021, Robert, on the other hand, confirmed their breakup.

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