Who is Bradley Hill? Bradley Hill Video for Kicked Woman Down Brooklyn Subway Station Escalator

Bradley Hill kicks a woman on the Brooklyn Subway while she was on the escalator The entire incident took place on September 9, 2021, at Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station in Brooklyn, New York. The incident was caught on camera when he was kicking the woman sitting behind him on the escalator on the chest. The full video was shared by NYPD News on the official Twitter handle. Bradley Hill was arrested by the police after the video went viral on all social media platforms. Know here complete information about the show.

Bradley Hill Brooklyn Video at Brooklyn Subway Station Escalator

The miscreant who kicked the woman on the escalator has been arrested by the police. The real name of the man is Bradley K Hill, who was arrested by the police on 17 September 2021. He is currently 32 years old and lives in Brooklyn. After the incident went viral on all social media platforms, Bradley cut his hair to get Rishi from the police but unfortunately, it did not happen and he was eventually arrested.

The person who attacked him left immediately. The woman was found injured after falling down, refused to be treated.

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Watch out for the full video:

When he got arrested, he wears a dark suit and an open-necked shirt with a Nike face mask. NYPD news also revealed a closer look at the suspect.

The police immediately went there at the time of the incident and took stock of the health of the victim. However, at that time the victim was denied any kind of treatment. During an interview, she said, the incident hurt her. There is no news of the jailed accused being released on bail.

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