Who is Isabella Brazhnikova TikTok? Check 12 year old Drawing Artist, Age, Net Worth


A 12-year-old TikTok creator and artist has grabbed public attention for her super-realistic pictures and sketch. Check who is Isabella Brazhnikova TikTok?

Isabella Brazhnikova is an popular child artist who is well known for her astonishingly vivid drawings. She has more than 300,000 followers on TikTok along with 20K Instagram followers.

Who is Isabella Brazhnikova TikTok?

Isabella Brazhnikova is 12 years old girl who is New-Zealand-based breakout star get immense fame for her fabulous art. From shrunken bags of chips to the glitter of a tiger’s eye, everything in her back catalog is beyond realistic.

She first started drawing at the age of six. Several arts of her has been viral on internet. she went first viral when she was just 11.

Her uber-realistic portrait of a dog help him to garnerd more than 200,000 views. Fans watched in awe as she finalized her mustache. “Isabella is a real pro in the arts,” said one fan.”

Isabella Brazhnikova Drawing

Isabella is promoting and supports “No Free Art”. She also mentioned in her Instagram bio. She also charge commission through Instagram DM.

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She is still building and developing her skill day by day! You can check out her work by follow him on TikTok.

She is a passionate and talented wildlife drawer. She often shared her drawing in her Instagram profile including of tigers, wolves, cats, dogs, and many more.

Isabella also taking some time to teach realistic drawing techniques and art tips to people. He has also own his Youtube channel named DRAW with Isabella.

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