Who Is Sammy Guevara Girlfriend Tay Conti: AEW Stars Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti Dating Rumour Confirmed


Who Is Sammy Guevara Girlfriend Tay Conti: Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara are two of the most talented professional wrestlers in the world, and they are presently making news after uploading some of their photos on social media, which appear to prove their relationship. While Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti have largely avoided discussing their relationship status, the two have now appeared to confirm that the rumors are true. “2022 is going to be fantastic!” Guevara captioned a New Year’s Eve snapshot of him and Conti kissing. We’ve included some information about both Who Is Sammy Guevara dating.

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Who Is Sammy Guevara Girlfriend Tay Conti?

Recently, Sammy Guevera recently shared a photo on his official Instagram where he with Tay Conti spent some quality time together. The couple can be seen kissing and confirming their relationship in the photos. Besides their close photos, there is no other evidence that the two are dating. We made this assumption solely on the basis of the photographs. According to the responses to the tweet, many AEW followers are still dissatisfied with Guevara and Conti’s relationship. While it may be argued that whether or not two people are dating is none of our concern, it appears that Guevara’s public proposal to Pamella has aroused the interest of followers.

There are lot of people who are accusing throughout the tweets and criticizing Guevara and Conti, with some even accusing Guevara of cheating on Pamella, despite the fact that there is no proof that the two relationships are related.


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Samuel Elliot Guevara, also known as Sammy Guevara, is a professional wrestler. He’s a member of AEW (All Elite Wrestling). He was well known as the former AEW TNT Champion. In 2010, he played his first professional wrestling match after training at Booker T’s wrestling school/promotion, Reality of Wrestling. Tay Conti, who is also signed to All Elite Wrestling, is a professional wrestler. In Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro she was born and spent her childhood. She is a resident of Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Tay was previously married to Judoka Jorge Conti in 2017, however, the couple eventually divorced.

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