Who is TikTok Mold Girl? Woman’s Shocking Apartment Issues Goes Viral After Showcasing Infested Home


Elena Sretenovic has been trending all over the social media after sharing her mould infestation videos that have received thousands of views. She is a popular TikTok creator who comes into the headlines. S he is a Las Vegas-based biology student earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Nevada.

Who is TikTok Mold Girl

Who is Mold Girl on TikTok?

Elena and her roommates have been ill nonstop since moving into their rented apartment. After got checkuped by doctor, she got to know that she is infected by mould infestation, prompting them to alert their landlord, who dismissed the situation as “dust.” After the mould scenario became viral, her TikTok account @tallgurl now has almost 46,000 followers. Elena was prompted to seek help on TikTok and record the entire situation. She has made a series of videos about the whole incident. As of now, the video has crossed over 9 million views.

‘Mold Girl’ TikTok Post Regarding The Infestation

On December 3, 2021, Elena tweeted the first TikTok about the mould problem, with the description, ‘TIK TOK PLEASE HELP WE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO we’re just broke college students.’ A voice-over narrates how she and her flatmates had developed headaches out of nowhere. They decided to acquire a self-testing kit on the internet and test the brown-green stuff that had settled in their vent after being encouraged by some mould TikToks.

The students were taken aback by the reports and called their landlord, who informed them that it was all a lie. The landlord then fixed the vent and used Lysol to clean it. After the results, girls asked a mould inspection from laandlord. The landlord agreed, but only on the condition that Elena and the other tenants pay the inspection fee if the results are negative.

“The cost is $249, and if mould is discovered, I will handle everything. You will be responsible for the expenses if they do not find anything.”

Elena later updated through her post that the mould inspector had cleaned the house of the allegations and that the girls had decided to have independent testing done. Pithomyces, Penicillium, and Aspergillus were discovered in the sample by their test. Aspergillus is a frequent allergy, while Penicillium is a moderately poisonous fungus.

Watch Mold Girl TikTok Viral Video Regarding The Infestation

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Similar scenario has been experienced by other tenants

Multiple ex-tenants from the same landlord have DM’d the ‘Mold Girl,’ claiming they had the same concerns throughout their lease. Ther are several supporters have also requested that she sue the landlord.

Mold girl noted in her most recent TikTok that they don’t have the legal resources, aside than money, to file a case, and their lease expires in July, so they’ll have to live with the condition for another six months.



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