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Who Is Whitney Paige Venable: Whitney Paige, a model, is becoming well-known personality on social networking platforms because of her looks and physique. Recently a shocking incident happened with her for this she came to an Instagram account. She shared her experience of humiliation and discomfort. A model claims she was told she needed to cover up her cleavage if she wanted to attend an Orlando theme park while wearing a revealing crop top. Check out the full incident below.

Who Is Whitney Paige Venable

Who Is Whitney Paige Venable?

Whitney Paige Venable is 26 years old from Florida, claims she was taken aback by the way Universal Studios employees handled her, aside from instructing her to change her top. In Instagram, she has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers, where she said, “I was humiliated and degraded. To get in, I was told I needed to change my top. I believe it’s because I have naturally large breasts, which make people uncomfortable, although my apparel was not in violation of the guidelines as far as I knew.”

She further said that there are sso many girls there who are in sportswear, but among of them she is the only one who faced humiliation and discrimination. This incident occurred in 2021, but it was just recently brought to light, and it is now the most hotly disputed topic on social media sites.

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Whitney Paige Venable Orlando Theme Park Leaked Video

In the video that she was shared on her social media platforms looks like she was happy while walking into Universal Studios with a buddy.  A second video showing them standing at the park’s gate being told they couldn’t come in shattered their cheerful mood a few minutes later.

“I ended up wearing an another top over the sports bra which my friend brings with her in the car,” she explained. “However, because it was hot and unsightly, I removed it later in the park. And the idea that I was judged irritated me greatly “she stated “Smaller ladies can wear whatever they choose, large breasts, on the other hand, are sexualized.”

A few months back, she was also banned from Twitter after multiple users reported her obscene photographs on the social media platform. Some portions of social media are now in her favour, while others are working against her. Stay updated with Trendy Kendy for more latest updates and news.




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