Why CodeMiko Banned On Twitch For the Third Time


Why CodeMiko Banned On Twitch: CodeMiko is one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch that uploaded streaming videos. Recently she has been banned for the third time on the Amazon-owned platform.

As per the latest tweet of StreamersBans, “Twitch Partner “codemiko” (@thecodemiko) has been banned!”. They announced that prominent virtual streamer has been banned twice in the month of September 5h and 9th.


 The reason behind her ban is not classified yet by the twitch. This incident tends fans into a wondered, why the fastest-growing streamers ban third time from Twitch. Most of the people expected that the most likely reason that has been doing the rounds online stems from her recent interview with Imane “Pokemon” Anys, where she defined Twitch’s revised policy and pronounced the word “simp” several times.

Last year in December 2020, Twitch made headlines when they decided to revise their harassment policy by banning the use of the words “simp”, “virgin” and “lewd” on stage. Where the new rules are expected to come into force from January 22, it appears to have already been put into play, CodeMiko is probably the first casualty to take the “simp” purge on Twitch.

Why CodeMiko Banned On Twitch?

CodeMiko is one of the fastest-growing stars on Twitch, who is well known for unique revolutionizing complex technology through the help of state-of-the-art sens motion-capture suit to looks like a quasi interactive avatar called Milo.

Her surprising banned took the online community by shocked, As are a lot of other users who got off the hook despite doing far more sinister things.

While the policy states that the use of the term “simp” will only be considered a hate offence if used as a means of harassment, a specific grey area continues to prevail over it.

 Twitch has developed a notorious reputation for handing over suspected banns, CodeMiko’s third ban may very well be a sign of a platform setting a terrible new precedent.

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There is no way to confirm why she is banned, or how long this ban will last until the dreamer reveals it himself. Twitch generally does not comment on personal restrictions.



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