Women Patsy Stevenson Actress Arrested At Sarah Everard Vigil, Who Is Patsy Stevenson?


Internet is flooding with the question that Who is Patsy Stevenson? In the cautionary viral image of Sarah Everard, the woman talks about what has happened on Good Morning Britain today. Here is the full update about Women Patsy Stevenson Actress arrested at Sarah Everard.

Women Patsy Stevenson Actress Arrested

A week ago, Sarah Everard’s body was found in Kent when she went missing while on her way home from Brixton. A police officer was arrested on charges of kidnapping and murder.

In action to the sad news, on March 13, an honour ceremony was held on Clapham Common to show solidarity for the safety of Sarah and women. The recall of The Streets was reportedly a peaceful protest that resulted in the arrest of various attendees.

The Met Police has been criticized by Priti Patel and Sadiq Khan for the decision to arrest people, including calls for investigation, but Cressida Dick stands by the decision.

An image from Reclamation the Streak saw Patsy Stevenson pinned to the ground and handcuffed by officers. The media was a shoot that moment on their camera, and the image soon went viral all over the internet.

What Happened With Actress Patsy Stevenson 

Patsy said she was there to hold a candle, adding: “I was arrested by the police for standing there. I was doing nothing, they threw me on the floor. I have pictures of me on the arresting floor. I am 5 feet 2 and my weight is nothing.

“Many policemen were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me in cuffs and were surrounded by ten police officers and dragged me. When I boarded the van, he said, van. All we need is for you to make a name and arrest and then we will pay you a fine, ‘so I don’t see the point of arrest as honest.’ ‘

Met police say they arrested several people for coronavirus regulation violations and public order.

While the conversation on Good Morning Britain, she said that the message is not anti-police but women’s safety: “I think we need to take the message away from the message we are against the police and the police have done wrong”. The key message is that we now need to open a dialogue for change and support the protection of women. ”

“I fully understand that the police have to do their job. We wanted the women to grieve and share each other’s company in a safe place.”


Patsy Stevenson is a 28-year-old who is originally from Southend but now studies in London. Conversations around her career began when social media users found her acting profile on a casting site, though she has since explained that the profile is outdated and she now studies at university.

Pasty has now studied physics at the university, and has clarified that she was “not hired by anyone.”

“I have never been arrested, I was never one of these things. I am not like an activist or a protestor, ”she said on Good Morning Britain.

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On Twitter, she has an account with the name @PatseyeStevenson.



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