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Zoe Laverne Connor Joyce TikTok Leaked Viral Video go beyond a kiss Scandalized on Social Media


Zoe Laverne Connor Joyce TikTok Leaked Video getting viral on social media. TikToker took her Instagram and said a fake viral video.

Zoe Laverne is recently going viral on TikTik because of her video. In a viral video, fans started speculating that Zoe and 13-year-old Connor Joyce did some physical activity. The viral TikTok video contains screenshots of a conversation between the user and Zoe Laverne.

Zoe Laverne Connor Joyce TikTok Leaked Viral Video

In one of the conversations, Zoe is seen threatening a user if they find her and teenage boyfriend Joyce leaked on the internet.

“If you leak a video of me and Connor having sex, I’ll confront [your] guardian and win. And Connor will sue for the baby too, you know it’s my job, huh? I make money by doing f*** f*** like this. And it’s not cute for a 12 year old to try to *********** on me. So b***h if [you] someone does some kind of leaked video, you’re going to end up in jail.”


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The internet personality has stated that, the video has been viral on internet is totally fake. We both only engaged in kissing not beyond this.

Zoe shared a statement after the video went viral and said that social media is cruel before complaining about the allegations.

Prior to this incident, Zoe was accused of having a physical relationship with the teenager following their kiss.

Fans and other citizens online have started speculating that Zoe Laverne may have taken advantage of Conor Joyce and that could be the reason for her pregnancy. Last month, she shared a post on August 13, where she announced that Dawson Day is the father of her child.

Zoe Laverne has not paid any further attention to the rumors, while Conor Joyce has not come forward to dispel these rumors.

The unknown user who shared a TikTok video of Laverne’s, alleged conversation has not revealed any further evidence.

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