Zoe Laverne Engaged And Pregnant With Dawson Day Video Gets Viral On Internet


Famous Tiktok star Zoe Laverne’s relationship with Dawson Day will be replaced with news of Zoe’s pregnancy. They are both one of the popular names of Internet. Also, they are consisting huge fan base and fame on social media. They are giving relationship goals. Both love each other so much. They constantly posting several videos and photos about their life on Social Media. If we talking about their age, they both are very young and fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of a child as to why they made such a big decision about their lives. Here is the full update about Zoe Laverne Engaged And Pregnant With Dawson Day.

Zoe Laverne Engaged And Pregnant With Dawson Day

Recently, both of the personalities have unveiled that they are going to enter paternity. The couple is looking very happy and telling this news to their fans on their social handles. The couple took to their Instagram account to share the news with fans. Together they reveal both the news that they are getting engaged. Zoe announced this news on 02 May 2021. He organizes a gender reveal party where Zoe’s boyfriend Dawson Day proposes to him, the picture of the moment is clicked and Zoe uploads it to her social media account.

Both Zoe and Dawson announced the news on their Instagram and TikTok accounts. Zoe shares a photo of her engagement ring in a series of pictures. She also revealed that she is going to name his baby girl Emersin. They are both very happy indeed and are eagerly waiting to start their life together.

Zoe is one of the most prominent and famous Tiktok personalities. She became famous at a very young age. She collects more than 18M followers on the platform. In her TikTok accounts she uploads good and entertaining content to entertain fans, including lip-syncing, comedy, and dance videos. While on the other hand, Dawson Day is a popular internet personality and has 100,000 social media accounts. He finished his schooling at Greenwood High School. Both Zoe and Dawson started dating each other in the month of November 2020 and are now they are engaged and expecting a child.

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