Zoe Laverne Controversy Video 13-year-old Boy, a Twitter Users Want Her Canceled

Zoe Laverne controversy video with a 13-year-old Boy relationship is again come to in limelight. This has brought the conversation about paedophilia to the mainstream in Tikotok following the accusations of Tony Lopez and his brother.

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Twitter Users Want Zoe Laverne Cancelled For Controversy Leaked Video With a 13-year-old Boy

Tony Lopez and his brother are criticizing by the online community for allegedly soliciting a minor for physical pictures. This incident reminded fans of the time when Zoe Laverne kissed a 13-year-old fan which is younger than her on a Livestream and was accused of having a romantic relationship with him. A lot of fans target Laverne and calling a groomer due to these allegations.

 Zoe Laverne responds on this whole situation and said via social media handle that the young boy was her best friend.

“We both were in a dark place when we first became friends and we both just ended up catching feelings for each other.”

There were no real results for Zoey Laverne. She did not get sued, and the boy defended her honesty.

Zoe Laverne and few TikTok stars might not be the only ones in this situation

Bryant Eslava was also caught to soliciting photos of the younger girl on his Tumblr blog. Nowadays, TikTok grooming has become a very common thing in the news.

A few weeks ago, when Tony Lopez was accused, he also revealed a clip on his Instagram handle and apologizing for what he had done. He also told about the young girl and said he did not know her age at that time.

A tweet by Tony Lopez stated that those who abandoned him in his time of need only cared about his followers and likes. He tweeted that they were no better than him.


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