Zoe Laverne Pees On TikTok Video To Proof Her Pregnancy Scandalized On Twitter


Exactly one day after she made headlines with her shock pregnancy news, Zoe Laverne decided to record a video of herself pees on the TikTok video and leaving the audience surprised.

During her career, the 19-year-old has faced backlash online, which spiked her in the wake of 13-year-old Conor Joyce kissing her recently.


Hardly was the dust surrounding the controversy that Zoe Laverne revealed another surprise to the netizens by revealing her pregnancy.

The controversial TikTok star also denied the rumours of Connor Joyce being the father, stating that her current boyfriend would be Dawson Day.

The announcement of her pregnancy led to online reactions. Twitter users expressed displeasure and ridiculed that an alleged Groomer’s own child.

With the majority of the internet being doubtful about becoming pregnant, recently Zoe Laverne decided to take matters into her own hands by recording a video of her pregnancy test:

The record’s 19-year-old decision to shrug itself created a general sense of hatred among many Twitter users.

She then attempted to defend his actions in a follow-up TikTok video:

In the recent video, she decided to record a peeing video of herself to show the proof.

“Well, the reason why I did record myself peeing is that if I didn’t, y’all would have still said it was fake, and since y’all like to say I lie about everything, I just like to prove y’all wrong sometimes. Also, peeing is a natural thing. I don’t get how it’s gross!”

In light of her recent actions, Twitter users called on Zoe Laverne for her controversial methods.

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Zoe Laverne Decided Pees On TikTok Scandalized On Twitter

Zoe Laverne created a massive buzz in October 2020 after kissing herself to 13 years old Connor Joyce.

Her rumoured relationship with the teenager soon sent her to the Twitter trending page for all the wrong reasons.

As a result, she came in for criticism online, with many believing that she was allegedly grooming him.

Labelling the “pedophile” as a “Groomer”, the allegations angered the entire online community, who soon turns out to demand him to “cancel”.

Over the past few months, Zoe Laverne has only dissipated public opinion which provoking him, who seems to be constantly staring downhill.

Her efforts to proof and claiming accountability did not coincide well with Twitter, which continues to exclude him on social media.

As per the recent antics of a teen star, aimed at proving her pregnancy, once again triggered a wave of online backlash:

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As dissatisfaction continues to mount online, it seems as if Zoe Lavern has developed an unstoppable habit of touching on a raw nerve with the online community, courtesy of a group of questionable actions.


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