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Zoe Laverne Pregnant Leaked Video Scandalized On Social Media Twitter, Reddit & Instagram

Zoe Laverne revealed she might be Pregnant on Twitter.


Recently, a popular Tik Tok star Zoe Laverne shocked everyone through a short video ad went viral, where she announced that she may be pregnant. The 19 years old TikTok star started trending on Twitter after shared a short video on Social Media. She claimed that she “she does not want to fight anymore because she might be expecting. Check out the Zoe Laverne Pregnant Leaked Video.

“I shouldn’t even say this, but I might be pregnant right now, so I’m not trying to fight right now.”


Where she has not revealed who might be the father, but her recent statement caused a big controversy all over the internet. Several fans who took Twitter to express their emotions about this.

Twitter reacts on Zoe Laverne Pregnant Leaked Video News

 As we all know, Zoe Laverne is one of the most lovable TikTok star, whose public appearance has been spiralling since she was asked to encourage a relationship during adolescence.

Labelling the “Pedophile” as a “Groomer”, the allegations angered the entire online community, which began to demand him to “cancel”.

 If the Connor Joyce recent controversy was not enough, her quarrel with TikTok sensation Charlie D’Amelio invited further ridicule as she continued to invite online criticisms. Now, following the revelation of the alleged conception, Twitter was both suspicious and shocked in equal measure as they reacted to the situation.

With her recent statements deemed “meditative” and an attempt at relevance, it seems as if Zoe Lavern continues to be defined by the ghost of her coherent accusations.

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The reactions of fans are consecutively moving around the mention of Connor Jayce. The online community seems to have no aim of buying into her alleged pregnancy storyline where on the other side Zoe Laverne continues to touch a raw nerve with online fans.



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