Pahadi Gaming Free Fire UID, Ranked stats, K/D ratio, Real Name, Girlfriend, YouTube, Instagram in 2022


Free Fire was one of the most-watched popular games which people hugely love to watch on YouTube, showcasing its widespread popularity on the platform. Title-related content creation and streaming have grown significantly over the years. Lokesh Karkoti aka Pahadi Gaming Free Fire comes under the most prominent Indian free fire communities. He is famous for his incredible skills, gameplay and streaming style which he constantly uploads to his YouTube channel. In this article, we look at his free Fire ID, stats, K / D ratio, and more.

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Pahadi Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats

  • Pahadi Gaming’s Free Fire ID: 147098967
  • Pahadi Gaming’s Free Fire Stats:

Pahadi Gaming was also featured in 19297 squad matches and came out on top on 4839 occasions, coming down with a 25.07% win percentage. He has committed 62554 kills, maintaining a K / D ratio of 4.33.

Coming into doubles mode, he has 223 wins in 2006 games, a win ratio of 11.11%. With a K / D ratio of 2.40, they have gained 4274 frames. He appeared in 1594 singles matches and is 251, giving his winning rate of 15.74%. It has a ranking of 5460 frags for a 4.07 ratio of K / D.

Pahadi Gaming Ranked stats

Pahadi Gaming has a satisfaction in 479 squad games in the currently ranked order and outperformed its enemies out of 103, he maintaining a win ratio of 21.50%. He killed 2116 in his own name in a K / D ratio of 5.62.

In addition, he competed in 14 doubles and won 8, with a win percentage of 57.14%. With 93 kills, he has a K / D ratio of 15.50.

As per the reports, lastly, Pahadi Gaming participated in 42 singles matches and was unbeaten in 9 of them, with a win rate of 21.42%. He has knotted around 231 frags, managing a K / D ratio of about 7.00.

Note: This stats are recorded at the time of writing date of this article.

Pahadi Gaming YouTube channel Name

Lokesh Karkoti handles two YouTube channels – Pahadi Gaming’ and ‘Pahadi Gamer’ in which he uploads content which is related to Garana Free Fire. Formerly, they have a subscriber count of over 863 thousand. As per this written article date, he has over 920 thousand subscribers on the Pahadi Gamer Channel.

Pahadi Gaming Instagram Account Name


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Pahadi Gaming is very active on Instagram. He uploaded a lot of Free Fire videos on her Instagram account as well.



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