Pubg Mobile Hack Download Bans 809,566 Accounts this week

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games that has completely changed the mobile gaming industry. It has been a tremendous success since its launch in 2018. But after a huge success, people get an unfair advantage through third-party applications to Hack PUBG Mobile game because everyone tries to improve their gameplay in different ways. People hugely search on the internet How to Hack PUBG Mobile Game emulator, on PC, without root and others queries.

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A lot of users try different methods to enhance their gameplay. But the game’s developers have developed an Anti-Cheat System, through this, they can automatically detect cheaters from playing the game by suspending their accounts.

The makers of PUBG mobile often share weekly reports on their official social handles to raise awareness about the types of frauds employed and the number of banned accounts in the week. You can check the samples below.

As per the recent reports of 1 week the game has banned more than 809,566 PUBG mobile games for hacking the game. And the number of banned accounts has been decreasing every week.

PUBG Mobile Hack Features

As there are a lot of PUBG Mobile Hacks features which cheaters use in their gameplays. Here is the list of all PUBG hack liss and features.

1. WallHack

Through this PUBG hack, players can shoot down their opponent via the wall with existing weapons.

2. Change Body Colors

This hack helps you to change the body color of your character. Through this, you can also change the enemy’s body color as well.

3. Headshots

The automatic headshots offer you to take down enemies instantly. You can instantly kill your enemies by shooting them in the head with this automatic headshot feature.

4. Speed Shots

These features help you take down multiple enemies with a single shot. Also, you can continue shooting using your weapon by enabling this speed shot feature.

5. Anti-ban Feature

This feature keeps you alive. Enabling this feature while playing the Anti-Ban feature of PUBG will never end your life.

6. High Damage

With this feature, you will be able to inflict more damage on your enemies which ultimately helps you win the game.

7. No Footprints

This feature hides your footprints so that your enemies will not be able to find you or your footprints.

A break-up of the PUBG Mobile accounts banned

  • 1% of Conqueror (highest) tier accounts
  • 8% of Gold tier accounts
  • 10% of Platinum tier account
  • 10% of Silver-tier accounts
  • 11% of Ace tier accounts
  • 14% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 15% of Crown tier accounts
  • 31% of Bronze (lowest) tier accounts

The bronzed tier is the maximum account banned by PUBG that shows how well the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system works.

Types of PUBG Hacker Cheats Used

  • 28% of users were banned in PUBG games because they use auto-aim hacks, which help them to shoot enemies with ease.
  • Approx. 26% of players used an X-ray vision script, which helped them to find their opponent’s location through cover and walls.
  • The rest of 17% were banned for undeclared reasons.
  • 14% were using speed hacks to defeat enemies through an unfair speed advantage.
  • 9% of the cheaters were banned by PUBG due to the use of a modification or a new avatar of the character model.
  • 6% of hackers received suspension due to the use of the field damage modification. The fraud helped him increase bullet damage.

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