Anupama 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Car Accident


Anupama is a very popular tv daily soap which is telecasted on Star Plus every week. It is one of the highest rating TRP show according to the BRC weekly list.

Anupama 1st January 2021 Written Episode

Anupama 1st January 2021 Anupama asks her mother why? Mother says that she will not let him live in this hell. Anu says that this is her home and family. The mother says that the house and family belong to the husband and her husband leaves her. Anu states that the husband left her, but no other family members; When he saw Vanraj’s mistake, he slapped his son and Bapuji killed his son and shifted his house to his house, he considered his daughter; Her husband betrayed her and not other family members; The real punishment is staying away from the family and her husband is suffering and she is not; She is happy in this house and does not have a mother, she will visit her mother for 1-2 days, but not forever. She lives on her mother’s lap and says with regret that 25 years of her in-law’s life has now completed 18 years of her maternal uncle. Mother called him crying.


Anu wipes her tears. Mother says that she cannot be happy in her Miaka, but is she happy here. Anu says that the wound is deep and she will feel pain forever, let it be; She is not the one who will sit in a corner and cry, and she is the one who can smile with small joys; She is changing, she walks well with her daughter-in-law, learns to drive a car and now wants to fly, etc. Then she jokes how she mustered up so much courage to shut her mouth, which Rakhi Did not see Mother asks him to stay here, but also shares small problems with him. Anu agrees and pleads for her to calm down. Mother says that she will never forgive Vanraj and says that as her 25 years of in-laws completed 18 years of her maternal uncle, her anger overcame her apology.

Summer shows Kinjal and Toshu’s room and says that usually the girl is sent after marriage, but she is sent from this house. Kinjal tells Sorry to go away from her room. He jokes that when she lives with Toshu she will feel sorry for herself because she does not turn off the light overnight. She asks where will he live now? He says the whole house belongs to him, he will live somewhere. She asks what she seeks in Shagun / Neck. He simply asks to take care of his mother / anu. He gifts them Dolly Bua’s Udaipur honeymoon package and wishes them a happy honeymoon. Toshu asks her to leave now. He went on smiling.

Vanraj remembered his fight with Kavya, ignoring the people around, and drove his car towards his car vigorously. At home, Anu tells Samar that Toshu and Kinjal must have arrived at the airport and hopes that they won’t have any trouble there and will happily return. Summer says everything will be alright. Anu says that every day she thinks everything will be alright, there will be no sorrow or problem, but sorrows always find their home address. Samar says that the fault is not of sorrows, but that which will hurt him and whenever he comes here, there will be drama. Anu says that Vanraj himself is in pain. Samar says that after what he did, he does not deserve happiness.


Vanraj provoked Kavya by reminding him of bitter words. In the lawn, Baa worries about Vanraj and tells Bapuji that he is trapped between 2 women. Bapuji says that he is supporting a son, due to which he had to bow his head to Samdhan ji. Ba says that a mother’s heart does not differentiate between good and evil and only loves her son; Hope everything goes well soon. Bapuji says nothing good has happened till now. Ba next blames Anu. Bapuji stops her and says that her son made a mistake and did not even repent for her; He wished Kavya and got it; Kavya is coming from Anu to take out his frustration and he is not even repenting for it; He is extremist and still has not changed at all. Anu brings tea for them and listens to their conversation.

Vanraj continues to betray and does not pick up Ba or Kavya’s call. Anu finds a toy car crawling around her and Vanraj in distress, hoping that she drives carefully. Vanraj remembers the words of Anu, his parents, Cholan and Kavya and speeds up the car. He suddenly sees a truck going in the opposite direction and loses control of his car, climbs a tree and turns and falls away, leaving Vanaraja seriously injured. Anu senses and asks Samar to call her father. He does and informs a nearby person that a man whose phone is found with an accident. Samar is shocked and informs Anu that Vanraj was found with a car accident. Anu gets shattered on hearing this and asks Samar to take her to Vanraj. Hearing about Vanraj’s accident, the family gathered and was stunned. Ba and Bapuji start crying. Anu is confident that nothing will happen to Vanraj and she insists to take Samara to Vanraj. Ba and Bapu also insist on taking them along. Sanjay says that Vanraj would have been taken to the hospital by now, so he would go and check first. Anu leaves with Samar and Sanjay.

In the last episode, we have watched Anu with Samar and Sanjay reach Vanraj’s venue where the accident happened and hearing the gossips of major accidents from people and Vanraj might not stay alive falls down,

Today New Latest Full Episode Serial By Star Plus Indian Drama Serial Anupama Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Anupama 1st January 2021. Watch Anupama 2nd December 2021 today’s episode on Star Plus every week.

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