Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Kavya worries for Vanraj


Anupama 4th January 2021: Baa attributed Anupama and Kavya to Vanraja’s condition. Bapuji tells him not to make a play in the hospital. Baa, then attributed Kavya that because of him, Vanraj did not attend his son’s wedding, she made a play at the wedding and should also be at home. Due to Kavya, Vanraj leaves the house and is separated from the family, etc. Bapuji does not ask him to shout at the hospital again. Baa orders Kavya to get out of the hospital as she did not want her shadow to fall on Vanraj. Kavya says that it is a hospital and it is not her house that Baa can send her out. Ba held her hand and drank, but Kavya released her hand and said that she could not stop him from going to Vanraj. Baa says she will not fall for her crocodile tears and bites her again. Kavya pleads with Anu to stop Baa. Anu requests Baa to let Kavya stay here. Baa says that she knows who Kavya is. Anu says that your son’s love, maybe he will soon recover with his presence and ask her.

Anupama 4th January 2021 Written Update


They should not think bad for others when they are in a bad situation. Bapu says Anu is right. Ba stops. Samar asks Anu why she wants to forgive Kavya when she sees what Kavya has done at Toshu’s wedding. Anu says, even he forgives his father, sometimes situations make him forget his pain. Kavya enters Vanraj’s room and apologizes to fighting with him and as long as she loves him, he apologizes to her as soon as possible. Anu silently stares through the glass door.

The doctors check the scan report and get tired. Summer over phone tells his friend that they will be able to clear only after the scan report comes. Anu and Kavya pray to God. The doctor tells Anu that there is an internal injury and the patient needs immediate surgery, asks his blood group. Anu and Kavya once said O positive. Baa requests her blood. Bapuji says that her blood group is different and his blood is requested to be taken. The doctor says that he cannot because of his age and health issues. Anu says that her blood group is also O positive and she will give blood. Kavya says that she is also O positive and is much younger and healthier than Anu, so she will give blood. The doctor takes him inside. Baa shouts at Anu that she has not given her blood and is taking revenge on Vanraj. Anu requested to stop taunting at least today, she tolerated her taunts for 25 years and will be together for the next 25 years.

Pakhi cries at the house and writes a note for Vanraj. Nandini consoles her and simply asks her to believe that her father will be fine. Pakhi nodded yes. Back at the hospital, the doctors take Vanraj on a stretcher towards the operation theatre / OT. Ba begs Vanraj to open his eyes and asks what happened to him. The doctor says that he can only say after the operation and takes him to OT. He starts the operation and quickly comes out, saying that they need more blood. Kavya says that she had already given blood. Doctors say that sometimes patients react negatively with the blood of some people, they need blood immediately.


Anu requests her to take blood. The doctors take his blood and hope that his blood suits the patient, and anything can happen. Sanjay hopes that Anu’s blood will suit Vanraj and tells Samar to keep his friends informed as they may need more blood. Ba expresses concern that he does not know what is happening inside. The nurse comes out and says that Anu’s blood is compatible with the patient’s body. Ba taunts Kavya that even Vanraj’s body knows what is wrong and right and asks Anu if he is feeling dizzy. Anu says no. Ba continues to taunt Anu. The doctor comes out of the OT. Bala asks if his son is alright. The doctor says that the surgery was done well and the patient should be under observation for the last 24 hours, so 1 person should stay with the patient overnight. Kavya says that she will stay.

Doctors say that only one family member can remain. Baa says that he is right because outsiders look good outside the house, Anu took care of Vanraj for 25 years and will continue to do so. The doctor says that Mrs Shah can stay and that she should leave it all. Bapuji tells Anu that Sanjay or Vanraj will stay out if Anu needs any kind of help. Anu says that she will manage. Ba asks Kavya to leave first. Anu tells Kavya that she will tell him when Vanraj wakes up or she can call Vanraj whenever she wants her phone to be with him.

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Samar returns home and becomes emotional upon seeing Nandini, saying that she felt he hates his father, but he does not; A father-son relationship is unique, a son can be an angry O father but cannot hate him; His father lived a great life with the family, but now he has nothing. Mummy spent 25 years with Papa, spending most of her life around him, but he betrayed her; Baa easily orders Mummy to stay with Papa but does not realize what Mummy was doing. It is very difficult for Mummy, but she will manage. Back at the hospital, Kavya tells Anu that she is staying with Vanraj and takes care of him and does not worry. Anu says that the right belongs only to Kavya, but the pain belongs to everyone. Kavya says that the pain should belong to everyone, but Vanraj is only her. Anu says that she has not forgotten, will still remember.

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