Anupama Episode 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Anupama Gets A Job


Anupama Episode 22nd December 2020: During the breakfast, Kavya tells Vanraj that she will talk to their boss Mr Dholakia about the loan before the company merges as he can sign documents and new owners cannot. Then Vanraj asks why she wants to take a loan. Kavya says that she should buy a new house for them and even arrange for some money. Anu leaves home for school. Rakhi cautions her that Kinjal has supported Anu today, but soon she will give him so much mind that she will hate Anu. Anu says that she is getting late and leaves Rakhi with Samar. Kavya argues with Vanraj that she did not ever think there would be an argument between them regarding the money related problem, she is buying a house for them and needs his contribution that’s sit. Vanraj says that he already has many responsibilities about his parent’s health, children’s education expenses and now Kinjal. Kavya replied and says that Kinjal is quite wealthy. Vanraj says that he cannot take dowry from Mrs Dave for the education of Kinjal at all. She argues that when Anu, she has no problem spending anything at all, but the things about her, she is always the problem. He asks why is she dragging Anu in the middle now. She says that Anu was always in exchange for parents or children; He spends money on them, but not a penny on it. He says that he has already told that he has many responsibilities for the family and cannot invest in property. She asks if he wants to ride 2 boats forever. He asks her to divorce Anirudh first and then to speak about him; Wakes up and says that he will sit in the car.

Samar drops Anu outside the school. Anu reminds of an earlier incident where the principal insults him and expels him from his job as a teacher post. Then Samar tells her to relax as she can easily convince to the principal when she can convince Rakhi aunty. Anu gathers the confidence walks away saying, she has to do it now. She enters the school and walks towards the principal’s room when she inadvertently collides with the principal and apologizes. The principal angrily looks at him. At home, Baa sees Rakhi’s salad for Kinjal and tells Kinjal that now she has come to know why Rakhi speaks so bitterly, Kinjal should not eat such food and another Rakhi becomes Dave. Kinjal nodded yes and left. Baa sprinkles salt on the salad and munch on it, hoping that Anu is not disturbed at school. Move on to the school, Anu apologizes to Principal and asks if he was hurt. The principal says that Anu felt sad for what she had done last time; She helped Anu one last time as she could relate to Anu herself. Even her husband used to insult her, she had responsibilities of the whole family, even she did not know about the English language, he first became a teacher and grew slowly. She asks Anu if she seeks a second chance, so she agrees that this time as she cannot deny Devika’s request. If Anu can work full time from 8 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. Except for all his responsibilities at home.


Toshu becomes romantic with Kinjal and says that soon everything will be alright, Baa will be back to normal with him. Kinjal says that when Mummy can not refuse him for 25 years, how can she refuse him. Toshu says that she is the mother’s daughter and not the daughter-in-law. Kinjal says that when Baa has not left her mother, she is nothing. Toshu becomes more romantic and embraces her. Baa passes by and closes his eyes shyly. Both of them embarrassed and walked quietly. Baa feels that she too has to control Kinjal like she controls Anu.

After this scene in Anupama Episode 22nd December episode the principal asks Anu if she was in her place, would anyone give another chance to me, if someone makes a mistake in past. Then Anu states that she does not have, but she will evaluate the person’s situation and which situation they go through, as people change with the situation. At that time it was his wish, but now it is needed. Dreams may be incomplete, but not responsibilities; Her husband always insults her and thinks she is fit for nothing; She gives the example of the GPS that continues to pave the way and says that she has responsibilities to her in-laws, her children, and her self-esteem and that he can’t do anything accidentally, at any cost to her. This job is required. After a while, Anu sadly walked out of the school. Samar asks what happened. Anu says that it is not her fault that she does not have a second chance, let us find a job elsewhere. After a while, The principal calls her and asks her to take a job again and go home, gives her the new ID card and says that she will not get an entry without it. Anu takes it emotionally. The principal says that one gets a second chance with a warning, his joining date is the semester next month; She walked away saying best. Anu dances with Anu excitedly.

Vanraj is open-eye to see Kavya sending a memo instead of Dholakia and shouting at Kavya. Kavya asks how she knows. He asks to read it. She is shocked to read the memo. Vanraj urged to tell what he has written. Kavya says that she will have to repay all the losses caused to the company after 3 months due to losing the contract or they will lose their jobs. Vanraj said that Dholakia did not get the benefit earlier. Kavya asks him to relax Dholakia as he has not stopped her yet. He says that her job as a favourite of Dholakia is safe because she won’t bother. Anu thinks that she is moving with small steps in life and life is pushing her back here.


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In the last episode, we had watched that Vanraj new boss warns him by telling that he does not care at all what he did in the last 30 years. But, now he capable to show the magic fro, hereon. Kavya asks Vanraj to inform Baa that he can not perform Toshu’s wedding fabulously. Rakhi taunts Shah that she will single-handedly marry Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage as he sees them lacking money. Vanraj sits silently while Ba angrily fires up. Watch Anupama latest Anupama Episode 22nd December 2020 episode on Star Plus. Till then Keep updated with us for the more written episode and latest news.


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