Barrister Babu 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh And Bondita Plan To Expose Monsh


Barrister Babu 14th January 2021: The episode begins with Bondita saying that Munshi also knew about the key, dropped the cupboard on Anirudh and helped the girl, he never burned Shubhra’s diary and books, he used the play and sketches. did. Trilochan is shocked. Bondita says that he came under the guise of the woman and poisoned this girl so that she could feed Anirudh, Anirudh is unwell due to scribe and not Sampoorna. Trilochan slaps Munshi. He asks her to say what happened that he hatched such a big conspiracy against him.

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Barrister Babu 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update

He says that you did not dare to see it, how dare you do it, we have done so much for your family, tell me why you did it. Munshi says that you are hurt about your son, have you thought about my pain, I lost my son because he was saving the life of your son and daughter-in-law, what he did, Anirudh gave me him I did not let the pyre burn, I decided to see Anirudh burning on the pyre. Shouted Trilochan. Munshi says that Choti Bondita did not do this, she did not let the third dose of poison in Anirudh’s mouth. She says that I will always stand in front of my husband as a shield, she is the youngest person for me, I can fight God for her. Anirudh smiled. Bondita says that I cannot leave you to my husband, I pray for his long life every day, we cannot pay the favour of Saurabh, you have hurt Anirudh, I will never forgive you. Trilochan says even we will not ever forgive you.


Trilochan says that I would not let you step into Tulsipur again, come. He takes out the scribe. Anirudh gets dizzy. Bihari asks what we will do with him. The girl apologizes. She says don’t punish me, forgive me, take me to my aunt’s place. Anirudh signaled Bondita. Bondita says okay, Anirudh has forgiven you. He tells Somnath to leave the girl at her aunt’s house. She says that Anirudh will recover, the doctors will treat him well. Anirudh asks if anything can happen to me when you are with me, you are my protector. They laugh. Rishta Tera Mera… plays…

Later, Anirudh recovers and works. Bondita tells him to rest, he will recover soon. He says this is my dream, it will always motivate me. She says your dream will come true, what is it, you don’t tell me. He refused. She makes a troubled face. He laughs and says I will show you, close your eyes. He puts the frame on and asks her to open her eyes now. He teases her and asks to see her, otherwise he will remove her. She sees his picture. He says that it is my dream to become a barrister just like me. She asks what this dream is. He says to watch it carefully, it is my dream, in future, you will become a barrister like me.

She asks if I will become a barrister. He says that yes, you have all the qualities to be a barrister, the way you have found evidence against the scribe and exposed his truth, you have framed him with your questions that he has to accept his truth, we will court. I do this, we prove the crime of the criminal, I am proud of you, stay here, I will just come. She laughs. He comes back and asks her to close her eyes. He wears him a black graduation cap. She laughs. Right, Tera Mera … plays … says that you mean people will respect me and call me a barrister. He further says yes, they will call you Barrister Babu, the day it happens, then I will be the happiest person in the world, we will celebrate from today itself. They laugh. She works to walk by holding her degree. He smiles at seeing his work as a barrister. Rishta tera mera… .play….


Then Trilochan apologized to Durga Maa. She says that everyone should get a wise daughter-in-law like Bondita, she had saved Anirudh. He hears a car horn. Bondita says that I am really happy, you got well, Munshi was caught, no one would call Sampoorna unfortunate, do you know she did not come out of her room. Anirudh asks what, tell me what happened when I was sick, nothing was hidden. She thinks that I should tell her that Trilochan wants to marry Sampurna and Bihari. She actually says Trilochan … Trilochan asks Binay what it is, Tilak and Mala, are you coming from the temple. Anirudh and Bondita come and see. He is shocked to see Binoy coming with Sampoorna as his wife.

Trilochan asks what is the matter, Binoy, tell me why Sampoorna is here as a bride. Binoy says that I have married Sampoorna, she is my wife. Trilochan and everyone are shocked. Anirudh asks if you married a girl equal to your daughter’s age without thinking about how you can do it. He folds his arm and asks if Sampoorna has done anything wrong with Binoy, she can tell him. He says that I promised Saurabh that I did not let anything go wrong with you, if anything wrong has happened, you can tell the truth.

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