Barrister Babu 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita Confronts Sampurna!


In today episode of Barrister Babu 15th February 2021, we will watch Bondita has known the real truth about her problem and knew that her saasu told him wrong. But Bondita has not revealed the secret of Sampura Maa in front of Anirudh. Later, Sampurna visits Bondita room and tell him now you don’t even look at my face. Bondita replies why you do it with me. Why you break my trust and why you changed too much who loved me so much.

Barrister Babu 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update

After this Anirudh check the clothes one by one which cloth is soak more water. He discovers the best clothes and orders Koyli to sew it. But Koyali shies from this and turns her face from Anirudh. Then Anirudh explains it if she turns her face on this matter then what other girls like Bondita will do. Then she tells him to seal some cotton lentils inside it. Koyali praises Anirudh Babu for his thoughts about women.


While on the other side, Sampurna again influences Bondita again with her soft-hearted words about her acceptance of the house. But Bondita accuses Sampurna of her antics which she has done. In response to this, Sampoorna says that she will atone for what I did to you. She tells me that my punishment is this that I will give my life. She ran away from there and trying to jump from the balcony. However, Bondita stopped her and tell him that I will not tell your truth to anyone. But in return for this, you have to return all the things that were taken from me. Sampurna says I will return all the things to you.

Later, Sampurna Apologies to Kaka Sasur Ji and other family members. But Kaka Saur Ji denied to apologies to her. Later, Bondita explained to Kaka SasurJi to forgive him.

After this, Sampurna tells her mother father to leave the house. In this, Kaka Sasur Ji said, the first time you make the right decision. Kaka father-in-law said that we are proud of you that you have saved this house from falling apart.


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Later this, Anirudh gives Bondita to use cotton cloth for her problem and explains to her to use this. But Kaka Sausr Ji enters the room and Anirudh hide the cotton cloth on his pants. But during the conversation, Kaka Sasur Ji sees the cloth on Anirudh pants.


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