Barrister Babu Today Episode Update 7th December 2020: Master Ji Ask Question To Boundita

Barrister Babu Today's Episode Update 7th December 2020: Will Master Ji Ask Question To Boundita?


Barrister Babu Today Episode Update 7th December 2020: One of the most popular shows in Television ‘barrister Babu’ is telecasted on colours every Monday to Friday at 8:30. If you follow the show, then you know that show reached its new track. In today, the episode we will see a Saudamini who will put Anirudh and Bondita in another tuff condition. Saudamini tells Anirudgh if your wife answers all the question correctly against my team then I will provide you with a book which I have. Anirudha accepts the challenge of Bonita. She adds on and says I will not ask a single question with your wife. Question will ask another person. Then she calls Masterjee.

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Bonita gets nervous after seeing Masterji, because in starting when Anirudh decided to teach his wife, then he hired him to teach him to Bonita. Then he beats her with a stick, so she is scared when Masterji starts to question her when she will hesitate. Then you will see Anirudh convincing him, that I am here, do not worry, just answer him, you know the correct answer. Because as everyone knows that Saudamini’s boy’s team has already read all the books prior, he is already confident that his team can face all of the questions that it will ask in the round of the challenge. Now the whole challenge depends on Bondita.


In the final episode of Barrister Babu, as we can see, Saudamini burnt the whole place where Anirudh teaching all the girls. Then a girl from Anirudh’s team named Bhuri told him that Saudamini did this after that Anirudh went to Saudamini’s house with all the girls and asked him, why did you burn the place. At that time Saudamini says if you have any kind of evidence against me that it was di my me then proof. Greenwood then says that if Brown has seen him with fire let him speak. But Saudamini knows very well that Bhuri cannot speak.

Anirudh then takes all the girls to his house, but Trilochan does not allow due to the order. But convincing by Bondita, he allows them. Then Anirudh starts teaching them again and he says that after studying I will take your exam. As we already know that all the girls have failed in the exam. After get very angry and thinks about how we will win the challenge against boys, and he scolds all the girls. Then Bondita thinks Rakshak babu becoming Rakshash babu slowly-slowly. After that Bondita thinks how we can learn in this environment Because Anirudh scolds them in every little thing.

As all, we know how important this challenge for girls win this. Because if they lose the task Greenwood’s will not allow reading in the school. For more Barrister Babu Today Episode updates keep with us. Till then watch Barrister Babu latest episode o Colors TV at 8.


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