Big Celebrity Challenge 21st February 2021 Episode: Performances & Elimination


Zee Telugu come up with yet another reality show on their channel called “Big Celebrity Challenge”. The show features some of the well-known celebrities from different industries such as TV and movies. The first time the channel comes up with this unique concept where the audience will get a chance to know some of the facts about their favourite celebrities. In today’s episode show features one of the prominent adorable couples Varun and Vithika will who is invited for a show to play some games as a participant. The entry of a cute couple on the stage is heart-melting and impressive. Here is the Big Celebrity Challenge 21st February 2021 episode.

Big Celebrity Challenge 21st February 2021 Episode Update

Each week makers invited some of the famous celebrities on the show and this time they will surprise the audience by inviting cute couple Varun and Vithika on stage. Both of them perform the romantic dance on the stage and impress the host and audiences with their dance performances. Varun also sings a song for his love partner looking into her eyes. The chemistry of both celebrities is just mind-blowing.


In the episode, a man wearing a lungi will be featured on the show, who will entertain celebrities and host through his comedy. He invited Varun to the stage and asked him to take action and speak some dialogue to Suma Kanakala and he later asked anchor Ravi to do the same dialogue. His dress, his look is very fun and his punch lines will make everyone happy.

The episode is going to be very entertaining and interesting to all the viewers who are keenly waiting to see this episode. Fans are always waiting for Sunday to see their favourite celebrity on the show. Celebrities worked to win the award and in today’s episode, Varun and Vithika are going to play some games. Not only are they going to play sports, but some fun acts have been featured on the show to entertain celebrities and audiences.

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The further audience will watch some of the magical and entertaining performances. The performance will amaze all the folks and viewer who will watch the episode. The entire episode is a complete box of entertainment. This episode is full of love, magical acts and games as well as fun acting, everyone will be happy. So don’t forget to watch the episode on Zee Telugu at 9:00 pm on Sunday only.


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