Bigg Boss 14 14th December 2020: Vikas Gupta Thrown Out Of Salman Khans Show

Vikas Gupta has been evicted from Bigg Boss 14 after reportedly getting physically violent with Arshi Khan. Vikas was reportedly thrown out of the 'BB 14' house after violent behaviour.


Bigg Boss is one of the most popular show all over the country and creating a buzz is the main reason that tons of viewers watching it. The current season of Bigg Boss 14 ‘has trying hard to keep viewers on its television sets with its drama-packed episodes. The makers have been introducing many new twists on each episode and turn on the show to draw viewers eyes and although it could not top the TRP charts this season, it has made it a topic of discussion on social media with its controversial content.

As per the latest reports and news coming from Bigg Boss house 14, Vikas Gupta has been thrown out of the house. The reason behind that is he has pushed Arshi Khan into the pool after bearing all the sarcastic comments by Arshi Khan. As we know Big Boss game is interesting day by day after the former contestant of Bigg Boss enter the show again to become a challenger. The purpose behind that is to make the game more interesting and entertaining.


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Last time we were seen both of them Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 11. Gupta and Khan have been at loggerheads with each other since they both entering the show as challengers. However, it is against the show’s rules of any kind of violence and thus Gupta is violated and pushed Arshi Khan on the swimming pool.


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 This all happened from the Arshi Khan were she poked on a continuous basis and takes it into frightful form due this Vikas pushed her. Then, she makes a point of this violence and appeal from Bigg Boss that he break the main rule now do justice what happened with me. As we, know that the violence is not allowed at home and Bigg Boss have to evict him from Bigg Boss 14 house.

On of the viral Television tweeted about it saying, “Vikas Gupta is evicted from Bigg Boss house. The debate is going on between Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan. Vikas Gupta then pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool of the house. Then Arshi makes an issue and asks Bigg Boss to take action against Vikas Gupta, Bigg Boss asks him to leave the house”. Recently Vikas Gupta compared Arshi Khan to Shilpa Shinde who is a participant of Bigg Boss 11.

Though Vikas has been ejected from the show, it remains to be seen if he will get a second chance to be a part of the reality show. Will Bigg Boss give him another chance or not. Till then keep updated with us for more details and written updates about the show.

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