Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episode Written Update 20th November 2020: Captaincy Task Details and Winner


Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episode: One of the popular show of India tv reality show Bigg Boss 14 is enter into the 8th week. We see lot of task and fight between contestant. Every contestant trying hard to make their own identity in Bigg Boss 14. The same thing we see on the last task which is cpataincty task. This task is going on between past 4 contestant who already had been a captain once. Jasmin Bhasin, Eijaz Khan, Ali Goni and Kavita Kaushik is a part of the task. Rahu Vaidya is a ‘Sanchalak’ of the task.

All participants must go under the big brown box and the rest of the housemates must torture them and force the contestants to come out of the box. In the last episode, Pavitra Punia who was playing on the behalf of Ejaz Khan and Ali Goni was out from the task. Now, only two contestant is left Jasmin Bahsin and Kavita Kaushik.


When the Pavitra Puniya came out of the box at that time, all the contestants were in shocked and wondered why Eijaz Khan had done. After this, he explained to all the contestant that he asked Rahul who he wanted to make a captain and Rahul told Jasmine. He did not like this answer and he called Rahul biased and after that the fight between Rahul and Rubina started while Abhinav got into a fight and they had an ugly fight.

After this descision of Eijaz Khan, Jaan Kumar Sanu got angry and blame EIjaz for doing this because Jaan first preference was Eijaz Khan and they misunderstood after the statement of Rahul Vaidya and uplift the Pavitra Punia box. Now, there is a high chances that this week Jaan Kumar Sanu will eliminate from the house because he was nominate by Aly Goni. Had Eijaz Khan won the captaincy task then there will be chance to getting safe from the elimination but unfortunately it was not happened.

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss announce the new ‘Sanchalak’ of this task just only for the night. To use benefit of this power Pavitra Punia uplift Kavita box to remove the dust and other things inside from the box. Later, ALy Goni raise the voice and Rahul said ‘Sanchalak’ anything can do.


In tonight’s episode, Jasmine Bhasin and Kavita Kaushik will also have a big argument and will try their best to win the captaincy job at any cost. Kavita tells her to go on her own and she tells Jasmine to stop coming like a “mother-in-law”. Another side, Rubin Dialiak and Abhinav Shukla, tried to convince all the housemates to go to Kavita and assure them that they would not fight with them from now on if you get out from the box but unfortunately it didin’t happened.

After spending the whole night and day, both of them did not give up and later Bigg Boss gave Rahul Vaidya the right to decide which of won the task. After the foul with the hand of Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul Vaidya gives descision in the favour of Kavita Kaushik and she won the game. But Rubina and Abhinav not happy with the descision of Rahul Vaidya.

Later Bigg Boss announced another task ‘Godness Wali Champi’. Kavita Kaushik is the ‘director’ of the task. Ejaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli and Pavithra Punia are in a team and Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dialik, Ali Goni and Jan Kumar Sanu are in another team. It is one of the funniest tasl of the season and Team Eijaz won the task.

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