Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya and Radhe Maa is the major attraction of show

Rahul Vaidya shares his opinion about Bollywood music Industry and tactics of playback singers.


The time has come which most of the fans are waiting for. Salman Khan again comes with the most popular show called Bigg Boss 14. The premiere episode had been telecasted last night and all the contestant and participant lock inside the house except four of them after the task and many huddles which is taken by three Bigg Boss seniors and contestants non-other than, Gauhar Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Heena Khan.

In a virtual session, Salman khan told that why he resumes his work again with Bigg Boss 14. He said, ‘The one of the important reason that why I am doing Bigg Boss is that I wanted people to start earning money again. Several people got died causes of COVID and also hunger and Bigg Boss is a huge show that requires a lot of people and units to start’.


Singer Rahul Vaidya who is locked inside the Bigg Boss 14 house said in a premier. ” To make a name in the music Bollywood industry it takes more than a lot of other things just the talent. 33 years old swingers who have been a part of many reality shows and also a runnerup in season 1 of a famous singing reality show called India idol.

He also a have a YouTube channel where he released his songs and getting a million of views in one video and people like it he said that he was never lobbied towards the getting a Bollywood song. He said in nowadays, there are more demands of independent singers instead of Bollywood playback singers.

In accordance with the Vaidya, there is a lot of things matter in the music space in Bollywood to get the work and also make their name in industry such as favouritism, preference and a lot of things.


He said most of the Bollywood singer who is active in the industry somewhere they have been served as an assistant under some of the music directors like Arijit Singh would assist Pritam, Armaan Malik is the brother of music director Amaal Mallik and a lot of other named singers attached with T series label.

Rahul Vaidya ended his statement in last one sentence that, ‘I always focus in my own representative and Every year I released my own four singles with my crew band and making it big without any support of the music fraternity’.

Also, Vaidya said in their promo shoot of Bigg Boss 14 that he was offered Bigg Boss many times but because of shows and events he was not able to participate in Bigg Boss but this time due to coronavirus pandemic the show has been stopped and cancelled and I am ideal so, I think it is the right time to go inside the BB house.

Also, he adds on his statement and said to Salman Khan, “Bigg Boss is not like as any other reality show, and I am excited to take experience. Also, in the show there was also a fun moment had done between Salman khan and astrologer’s pandit Janardhan when Salman khan asks about his wedding that now there is any chance of getting married now.

Also, pandit Janardhan comments on the future of Nikki Tamboli. He told, that she looks like a very innocent girl but in real life, she is very clever.

From today, the game will be started and according to the teaser, the nozzle has already started between some of the contestants. Also, in the teaser, it has shown that Radhe Maa has also come to give their blessings to house and contestant. So, be ready to watch a lot of entertainment and fun.

Before entering the house all the contestant have been quarantined for 14 days with different hotels. So, that they did not even know who’s their co-housemates are.

If we talking regards to weekly timing of Bigg Boss 14. So, it comes Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm on Colors channel.

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The show has been telecasted at 10:30 pm, Monday to Friday and 9:00 pm in weekend days hosted by Salman Khan.




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