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Bigg Boss Utsavam Part 2 14th February 2021 Today’s Episode: Bigg Boss Telugu​ Reunion


Bigg Boss Utsavam Part 2 is one of the most exciting show because of the first-time different season of Bigg Boss contestant meeting together. The show will be premiere on 14th February 2021 on Sunday. Makers have released the pomo on their social handle. As per the promo, it looks like viewers gonna be fully entertained. All the winners of last seasons will be seen on the stage including Abhijeet, Kaushal, Shiva Balaji, Varun, Rahul, Adarsh, Navdeep, and etc.


Bigg Boss Utsavam Part 2 14th February 2021

Tonight episode will be going to be filled with a lot of laughter and entertainment. All the winners look attractive on stage and happy to get back on the Bigg Boss platform. The post winner will crack the jokes at each other and the atmosphere will be in the hilarious mode of the show.

But Bigg Boss reunions are going to replenish the audience with entertainment. Recently, Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 also organized a reunion of the show called Bigg Boss Kondattam. The show blows the audience’s senses and provides a tremendous amount of engagement to the audience. Now, Telugu show is coming to make your weekend amazing. All the contestants from the previous seasons of the show performed their way with many great performances. Also, we will see the various intense quarrels of participants in the house but at the reunion, they forget all the old things and enjoy together.

Performers give the task called “Fast Cake Eating”, this can be challenging to perform because the cake weighs is 1 kg which is much more than the volume that a person can normally handle. But two of the rest of the cast come to the aid of their partners, which is against the challenge. Therefore, it is quite fun to watch because their mouths are fully filled with cakes and hands are wrapped in cakes.

Further, we will see some more task that compelled the audience to laugh and entertain. Watch all the episodes of Bigg Boss Utsavam Part 2 on the “Star Maa” channel at 6:00 PM on 14th February 2021.

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