Dancee Plus Telugu Winner 2021: Winner of Star Maa Dancee Plus Grand Finale Episode


Dancee Plus is one of the prominent Telugu language Dance reality show telecasting on the Star Maa channel. The show has been started on 27 December 2020 with a total of 12 contestants who were selected through auditions. The show has been judged by Anne Master, Monal Gajjar, Baba Bhaskar, Yashwanth, Mumaith Khan, Raghu Master, and each judge has a total of 2 contestants and groups beneath their mentorship. This is the first season of Dancee Plus broadcasting in the Telugu language on the Star Maa channel every weekend. And the audience is excited to know the winner of the Star Maa Dancee Plus 2021 Telugu show.

Each weekend one contestant will exit the show based on their score. Each judge will give either green or red plus depending on the contestant’s performance. Contestants scoring 5+ will have a chance to win the God of Dance trophy, meaning the contestant will be protected from the Elimination Round.


Six out of the top 13 contestants were eliminated from the show. And one of the contested teams will be eliminated. However, team Velocity came back with a wild card entry.

Dancee Plus Telugu Winner 2021

The winner is not yet clear. But according to reports and audience reaction, it seems that Sanket Sahadev is Dancee Plus Telugu Finale Winner. Where Tejaswini-Maheshwari is the first runner-up of this season. However, we will have to wait for the official confirmation which is announced on Sunday’s Finale episode.


The winner will be announced this week. On the 22nd-23rd May 2021 episode, we will watch the pre-finale and grand finale episodes. All the contestants will compete with each other for the trophy. So, be ready to watch the Grand finale episode and the winner announcement of the Star Maa Dancee+ show. The last episode of Dance Plus Telugu, which aired on 16 May 2021, saw the elimination of Priya Burman, who belongs to Team Mumath.

Dancee Plus Telugu Finalists Name

Nominations for Dancee Plus Telugu finalists will take place this weekend. The finalist of the show will be declared this week on the Pre-Grand finale episode. You can watch the pre-grand finale & grand finale episodes on the Star Maa channel as well as the Hotstar app or website. Download the Hotstar app from Google Play Store or App Store on your following devices. Check the Dancee Plus Top 5 finalist name.

Sr. No Contestant Name Team Status Prize Money
1 Sanket Sahdev Team Yashwanth In Top 5 —–
2 Jiya Thakur Team Anee In Top 5 —–
3 Niveditha Team Bhaskar Walked out —–
4 Vasitony Crew Team Yashwanth In Top 5 —–
5 Team Velocity Team Monal Walked out —–
6 Darjeeling Devils Team Raghu In Top 5 —–
7 Tejeswini and Maheshwari Team Bhaskar In Top 5

Star Maa Dancee Plus Telugu Elimination

Sr. No Contestant Name Team Status
1 Sanket Sahdev Team Yashwanth Competing
2 Anchy Mumbai Crew Team Bhaskar Eliminated
(7th March 2021)
3 Lungi Mama Team Monal Eliminated
(24th January 2021)
4 Jiya Thakur Team Anee Competing
5 8 Countz Team Mumaith Eliminated
(7th February 2021)
6 Tejeswini and Maheshwari Team Raghu Eliminated
(2nd May 2021)
7 Niveditha Team Bhaskar Competing
8 Ram-Laxman Team Mumaith Eliminated
(21st March 2021)
9 Vasitony Crew Team Yashwanth Competing
10 Team Velocity Team Monal Competing
(4th April 2021)
11 MMK Group Team Monal Eliminated
(18th April 2021)
12 Darjeeling Devils Team Raghu Competing
13 Priya Barman Team Mumaith Eliminated
(16th May 2021)


1st Elimination: Lungi Mamas
2nd Elimination: 8 Countz
3rd Elimination: Anchy Mumbai
4th Elimination: Ram Lakshman.
5th Elimination: Team Velocity
6th Elimination: MMK
7th Elimination: Tejaswini and Maheswari
8th Elimination: Priya Burman

Best Performer of the week

16th May 2021- Jiya Thakur awarded God of Dance trophy
15th May 2021- Darjeeling Devils awarded the God of Dance trophy
8th May 2021- Nivedita awarded the God of Dance trophy
2nd May 2021 – Team Velocity was awarded God of Dance trophy

Until then, stay tuned with us for more latest reality updates and news. Also, do not forget to watch Dancee+ pre-finale and grand finale episode this Saturday & Sunday at 9 PM only on the Star Maa channel.



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