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Disney Imagine That Season 2 Episodes Released On The Television Screens!


Disney returns with another season of ‘Imagine That’. As we all know, Season 1 was very much a hit among the viewers. Therefore, the producers on your television screen come with season 2. Here are the full updates about Disney Imagine That Season 2.

Disney Imagine That Season 2

Imagine that Season 2 is starting on the TV channel. The show has a unique and interesting format that will excite the show’s audience. The maker has increased usability for Season 2. DIY art will be made according to the theme for the season. This season is a full pack of entertainment that will be highly audience engaging and made according to the new generation. Makers increase their level of creativity and also increase their imaginations.


One of the prominent faces of the television industry Vishal Malhotra will host season 2 with his unique and entertaining style.

The actor has been working with Disney since the 90s. It is great news for Vishal’s fans that he will return to the same show, which will be seen hosting season 2 of the show.

Fans are very eager to see him again on the show after season 1. But it’s not the one surprise that Disney gives the show audience. Yes, you heard right, this time season 2 will have not one but two hosts for the season.


The yet another host who will join the Vishal on stage is Simran Kumar Puri who none other than a Do-It-Yourself(DIY) artist.

Makers have released the promo on social handles. Episode 1 is already out and the Disney channel. The show is telecasting on the Disney channel at 9:30 AM.

So, you can watch the show on your favourite Tv channel. Also, you can enjoy all the latest episode online on Disney+ Hotstar. Download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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Stay tuned with us for more latest update and news. Also, do not forget to watch all the latest episode of Disney Imagine That Season 2.




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