Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 20th March Today’s Full Episode Written Update


In today’s episode of Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 20th March episode, we will see that Rageshwari calls Priya to meet immediately. Priya notices Rehaan and just then calls without a single word cuts off the call. Rageshwari worries for Priya, Priya sends her a message in which she writes that she cuts off the call as Rehan is standing in front of her and she will meet him soon. She is about to leave but Rehan asks where she is going, but Priya notices that Sowmya is approaching her and she incarnates the snake and hides.

Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 20th March Episode Written Updates:

Rehan thinks where she has gone so fast. Priya recovers her original form and wonders why Sowmya is talking to Rehan. Priya goes to meet Rageshwari and left from there. Priya meets Rageshwari and tells him about Rehan’s family behaviour. Priya says that she can understand her concern but Rehan’s family is not cautioned of her at all. But Rehan is not safe to his family and his family knows Rehan’s origins.


Priya consoles him again and says that she has enough power to deal with her and she can even kill him easily. She says that she did not leave the house before killing Rehan. Rageshwari says that your poison is not enough to kill Rehan, Priya replies that it is taking time to find her deficiency. Soumya sees Rehan and asks the reason, she further says that she can protect him only when she is aware of his problem.

Rehan states that it is his duty to protect her and he fails. When Priya was snatching your happiness, she did nothing. Then, Rehaan says that he is searching it difficult to see Priya unhappy and he does not know why this is happening to him. While Priya is analyzing her poison, Mini gets another message from the secret leader and she informs Priya that the leader has asked them to bring Priya.

Priya has made a plan for the Rehaan and the mixed holy water of the river Ganges in her bathtub and thinks that this holy water will definitely affect Adishat. But Rehaan drags her to the bathroom and foils her plan. Priya scolds him and gets out of the bathroom. Then Priya gets a note from Soumya and she goes into the forest. She sees Rageshwari there and she warns him to be vigilant and dies.


Priya goes to him and starts crying. Somya scolds Pam that she has killed Rageshwari and that too without any major reason. She says that she still does not know about Priya’s immense power. Saumya says that you made a big mistake in killing her.

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