Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 21st March Today’s Last Full Episode Written Update: Finale Episode Of Naagin 5


In today’s episode of Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 21st March 2021, the show will take a new turn or you can say a good end in which viewers will see a glimpse of love. The hate storey took a new turn when Priya cared for Rehan and their love story would end in just thirteen episodes. As per the sources, today episode will be the final episode of the Naagin 5, the makers started the show by taking a decision to run it for a long time. As per the TRP charts, the show definitely gained popularity just like the rest of the season.

Kuch Toh Hai Naagin 21st March Episode:

But the show has not done well as makers were expected and now the show takes the last spot on the TRP chart. The show received mixed reactions from the end of the audience. Now viewers are thinking that the show is going to end on a happy or sad note. So here we are sharing the update of today’s episode, the show starts with Priya who decided to leave Rehan’s life and home, but before that, she will come to know the truth. When Rohan attacks Priya that night, he remembers nothing about that night.

And what compelled him, which was that Adish have to drink the blood of a good soul to control his anger and with this truth, all things would clear up and then she decided to leave Rehan’s life. Priya will tell Rehan, nothing is left now and there is not even a reason to be a part of his life. Rehan also cannot stop her and then he leaves but when she was about to leave her house. Rehan looks very upset and feels that he is getting close and he is missing something.


Then Rehan feels that he loved Priya very much while his mother Pam is the last trick of his evil plan in which she had already sacrifice his son to save her life and now she has gained his powers. Decided to kill his son Awadhesh. As viewers already know that Aadhishat is not his real son, but she still has a mother and son relationship, but Pam will put aside his relationship with him and then fulfil her dreams.

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Pam will hug him and hit her throat after which he falls between the magical rope and then he takes him and performs necessary rituals to regain the powers. While Pam is performing this ritual and is in the final process, Priya comes there and saves him. Rehaan is not in his senses but Priya makes every effort to wake him up. The story came with lots of twists and turns, so viewers don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Kuch To Hai” on Colors Channel at 8:00 pm and don’t forget to read the rest of the updates of your favourite shows.


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