MTV Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020 Episode: Shocking Double Vote Out, Immunity Task Winner!


Hlw, all the peeps we are again back with the new episode of MTV Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020 update. As we see in the last few episodes, the show has been faced some interesting twist where we see a lot of strong player eviction such as Arushi Chawla, Nisha and Sanjay. Also, we had seen in the previous episode all the contestant has nominated Apoorva by doing the highest vote especially his own team member. Now, the show takes the preparation for the finale and from tomorrow episode the show will be going more and more interesting. Check out the promo below.

MTV Roadies 26th December 2020 Double Vote Out Contestants


As we all know without any twist and turn we couldn’t assume the roadies show. In the upcoming episode, the host of the show Rannvijay Singha announces the double vote out after Apoorva and Nisha has been eliminated from the show.

Talking about the star race among leaders, Neha Dhupia is looming at the bottom where Nikhil Chinappa has led at the top Prince Narula, Varun Sood are on the same page with three stars. In the next task, all the leader makes an alliance with some other gang leader for a task which will be announced by Ranvijay Singha.

In the upcoming episode, the host announces the surprising task and twist. The godfather of all the roadies and gangs are going to announce another twist in Saturday’s episode. As per the sources, in the upcoming 33rd episode of the show is going to involve another entertaining act and there will be a connection between the gang leaders and a surprise voting. On behalf of the latest reports of all the gang leaders Neha has been involved in secretly, Prince will face teams of Nikhil and Varun. Among the younger leaders of the gang, Neha and Prince are cooperating against the gang leaders Nikhil and Varun.

 Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020 Immunity Task Winner

As per the latest promo which was released by the makers that show Prince Narula become angry on Aman due to not perform the task well. The gang leaders Nikhil and Varun are most likely to win the upcoming task against Nikhil and Varun. Neha and Prince did not face defeat till now. But this time they lose the task due to careless of Aman. The ensuing task consists of several stages and all the aspirations of the task. Also, as per the latest performance, Nikhil China is leading all gang leaders with 4 stars. Varun Sood is following Nikhil with 3 stars. Prince stands third and Neha Dhupia is placed at the last place.

As we discussed that Ranvijay announces the Double vote out. This time too, Rannvijay brought another big twist to the game in the last episode Roadies and the contestants survived the double elimination and now once again the double-elimination makers surprised everyone by teaming up with the gang leaders, as we have just given you the task winner Prince Narula and Neha have told about Dhupia, Prince and Neha gang definitely target Hamid and Micah in this vote out but there is no confirmation about the contestants of the vote out.

In the last episode, we had watched the task ‘Gone Wrong’. In which team Nikhil get able to take the immunity. Hamid, Shreya Kalra, Michael Ajay Saved from the double vote out while on the other side Neha Dhupia team was the second runner up and win the one immunity. As the result, Nisha gets a total of 6 votes and eliminate. After that, Akash Verma and Apoorva Gola get 5-5 votes. However, Ranvijay announces that if Price sacrifices one star to him then he has a chance to save one. So, Prince Narula sacrifices the star for Akash Verma and save him and another side Apoorva Gola eliminate from the show.

Check out the Gand Leader team and star below:

Team Prince Narula

  • Akash Varma (Captain)
  • Zabi Khan

Team Neha Dhupia

  • Poonam Shah
  • Abhimanyu Singh Raghav (Captain)
  • Aman Poddar

Team Nikhil Chinnapa

  • Michael Ajay (Captain)
  • Hamid Barkzi
  • Shreya Kalra

Team Varun Sood

  • Jayant Yadav (Captain)
  • Vipin Kumar

Gang Leaders Stars Updates:

Nikhil Chinapa: 4 Stars
Varun Sood: 3 Stars
Prince Narula: 2 Stars
Neha Dhupia: 1 Star

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Well, this is the 18th ongoing season of Roadies. Catch all episodes of the show every Saturday at 7 pm. All episodes of the show are also available on OTT platform Voot. Till then, stay connected with Trendy Kendy for more information and all the latest scripted episode updates on Roadies Revolution.


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