Roadies Revolution 2nd January 2021 New Episode: Hamid Will Be The First Finalist

Roadies Revolution final vote out and a ticket to finale task.


MTV Roadies revolution back with a lot of twist and entertainment on your door. As we all know the show has moved towards his end and soon we will see Roadies Revolution winner. In the latest episode of MTV Roadies Revolution 2nd January 2021 we will see the final vote out and the first finalist of the show. Last few contestants have left and they have to survive the last vote out to make their spot in the semi finale.

MTV Roadies Revolution 2nd January 2021


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 In today’s episode host of the show Ranvijay Singha announce the task to find the first finalist of this season. The Ranvijay announce that those contestants who were immune from the last task they get an opportunity to play this task and make their spot in the finale. As we all know in the last task we had to see Team Nikhil and Varun win three immunity after winning task against Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia. Both Varun and Nikhil have to distribute three immunity among total 5 contestants.


Nikhil and Varun give first and second immunity to Michael and Jayant and the last immunity they wouldn’t decide it. Ranvijay gives its chance to rest of the gang readers Price and Neha. Both of them decided to gives last immunity to Hamid. After that, Ranvijay Singha announces the interesting task in which all the respective contestant who got a chance to play have to choose their partner from the respective gang leader.

  • Prince Narula Performs for Hamid
  • Varun Sood Performs for Jayant
  • Nikhil Chinappa Performs for Micheal

All the contestant give their best to win a ticket to finale task. At, starting Jayant will lead the task but after a period of time Hamid and Michael catch up fastly and at last with the help of Prince Narula, Hamid will able to win the final task and become the first finalist of the Roadies Revolution show.

Now, time will come to final vote out of the show. Where Ranvijay gives a bigger and game-changer advantage to the first finalist of the show Hamid to immune any of the contestants from the vote out except his team member. All the gang leader pitch for their team members from Hamid. But as we tell you above Prince Narula helps Hamid to win the finale task. So, Hamid keeping his promise saves Akash from the last vote out with these Akash will become the finalist.

Ranvijay reveals that two contestants will be eliminated from the show also announce the twisting turn. That contestant who will get eliminated by the higher vote they will take one more contestant with himself which they have written out the name on their vote card.

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The most voted contestant is Shreya and she wrote the name of Abhimanyu. Everyone out there is shocked by this elimination because Abhimanyu is one of the strong contenders and he sacrifices himself for Jabi. Later, after the urges of Jabbi and other gang leaders and contestant Jabi sacrifice his semi finale seat for Abhimanyu. Lastly, Shreya and Jabbi will be voted out by another contestant from the show.

Roadies Revolution Semi-Finalist

The last semi-finalist is Abhimanyu, Akash, Vipin, Jayant, Michael and Poonam.

Roadies Revolution Finalist

Hamid is the first finalist who directly will perform on the finale.

Roadies Revolution Latest New Episode of Finale Task ticket to finale and Vote out. Watch Roadies Revolution 2nd January episode on MTV Saturday at 7:00 PM.


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