Roadies Revolution 9th January 2021 Semi Finale Task: Aman and Arushi make a surprising entry


Time has come when we will see the winner of Roadies Revolution 2020. After months of survival, task, twist and suspense the few of them able to make their spot in semi finale task of this season. As we saw on the last week, Zabi and Shreya were eliminated from the winning race after the suspense events. As well as, Hamid from Nikhil Chinapa is the first finalist of Roadies Revolution after winning a ticket to finale task against Michael and Jayant. In the next episode, we will see the semi finale task where the rest of the contestant will perform against each other to make their spot of a finale task.

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Roadies Revolution Semi-Finalist

  • Akash
  • Michael
  • Jayant
  • Anshuman
  • Poonam
  • Vipin

Aman and Arushi make a surprise entry in the semi-finale task


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 In the upcoming episode of Roadies Revolution 9th January 2021. Ranvijay announces the next semi finale task and only two will able to make their spot in the finale. Ranvijay announces that after Hamid, only two people who can reach out to the finale. In the next semi finale task, all the Roadies have to choose their one partner to perform in the task. Those two contestants who will able to collect five stars as far as possible will be performing on finale. The exciting part happened when Aman and Arushi come back again to the show and perform the semi-final task against Jayant, Aakash, Michael, Vipin, Abhimanyu and Poonam. It is exciting to watch who will able to take it? Do not forget to watch the latest episode.

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In the last episode, we had watched some emotional vote out when Zabi sacrifices his semi file position for Abhimanyu. To our surprise, this week will also be a similar moment between two friends. The enthusiasm to compete, combined with emotional bonding and loyalists has proved to be the ultimate game-changer this season. As Nikhil’s one teammate Hamid is already in the finale, will Varun make history and reach the final for the first time or will Bollywood Diva Neha and Punjabi Munda Prince make it to the finals as usual?

Watch Roadies Revolution 9th January 2021 latest episode on MTV on Saturday.


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